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OPERA IN CONCORSO  Sezione Grafica

KAE | No. 006 -  We Are Oscar Mike !  -
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No. 006 - We Are Oscar Mike ! -
lithograph, stencil, handcoloring, wax paper
image size: w 450 x h 650 mm (17.7 x 25.6 in) / paper size: w 570 x h 770 mm (22.4 x 30.3 in)


nato/a a Kanagawa JAPAN

residenza di lavoro/studio: Kanagawa (JAPAN)

iscritto/a dal 12 apr 2014


Descrizione Opera / Biografia

KAE is a Japanese artist, specialising in Graphic Art and a member of the Japan Artists Association, Inc., produce Original Graphic Art mainly with Lithography and a new planographic technique called Plywoodgraphy - a wooden version of lithography having both characteristics of planographic printing and relief printing. Draft the designing only for the print, and do all processes of the printing (primarily plate making, printing, signing and numbering) by artist. The completion form as the work is the graphic art and the prints can each be thought of as original works.

The Little Red Crush Cap (L.R.C.C.) is the code name of the main character who teams up with a Suzuki TV250 Wolf model motorcycle in this story inspired by ”Little Red Riding Hood”. The concept involves scribbling on old pictures cut from scenes of the character’s life; action adventure story to play exciting life with soul mates. The design matches the wrinkly wax paper with representations of hand printed lithograph producing an antique look, while the scribbling are created with enamel colors drawn by hand. The opus number printed with stencil creates the brutal aggressive atmosphere. The view of the world the characters live in comes to life through them. The words by graffiti style in the speech balloons are the respective titles of the works. Rivets are attached for decoration on the works and eyelets can be used to pin up walls.

The L.R.C.C. series was accepted following Exhibitions:
The Print Center Annual International Competition: Printmaking 2011 - U.S.A.
International Exhibition Small Graphic Forms Lodz 2008 - POLAND