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OPERA IN CONCORSO  Sezione Scultura/Installazione

Julia Dennis | Anthropology 1
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Anthropology 1
burning, melting and cutting, rubber tyres and metal findings

Julia Dennis

nato/a a Manchester

residenza di lavoro/studio: London (UNITEDKINGDOM)

iscritto/a dal 17 apr 2014


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Julia Dennis | Anthropology 2

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Anthropology 2
burning, melting and cutting, rubber tyres and metal findings

Julia Dennis | Anthropology 3

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Anthropology 3
burning, melting and cutting, rubber tyres and metal findings

Descrizione Opera / Biografia

Julia Dennis is a London based artist, who has also lived and worked in Papua New Guinea and in Italy. She gained an MA in Fine Art from Brighton Art School and has exhibited in and outside the UK. As an artist, Julia often uses the representation of everyday objects, both in and outside of the domestic sphere. Taking inspiration from her extensive travels and her fascination for cultural ritual, anthropology, history and the arts. By observing people in their settings, and their relationship to places and objects, moving between different levels of truth and imagination, she challenges the ideas of perception and pretence. Julia enjoys creating site-specific work, for both indoor and outdoor public spaces such as parks, museum and gardens. Working in sculpture, photography, film, installation and mixed media.The series Homage, consists of a series of small, assembled, sculptures inspired by the engineering achievements of both Marc Brunel and his son Isambard Kingdom Brunel. Julia deploys a range of mediums within her artwork to visualise her exploration of the anthropology of an object. Through the application of found tools that reflect the industrial craft skills of the 19th Century comes a series of sculptures that uphold a sense of simplicity in both line and form, which collectively become an installation. Parts of this work have been shown in 2013 at the Brunel Museum London and the Florence Biennale in. Other pieces were shown more recently at the 1st Trinacria Award, Monreale, Sicily and in L’Agostiniana Gallery in the Piazza del Popolo, Rome. The Southwark Cathedral exhibition titled Exposed, is a series of photographs inspired by James Joyce’s Connemara on the wild peninsula of Galway. Exposed is Julia’s window into a wilderness. With their windswept terrain, the Atlantic islands of Arun have a timeless beauty: a barren land of ancient forts, stone monuments and isolated cottages. Julia sets out to capture and respond to this exposed, brutal landscape. Selected photographs from the series Exposed were also shown at the New York ArtExpo in 2014. Her more recent artwork, titled Anthropology One, Two, Three, is a project that has been developed for over a year. It embraces the concept of the wheel and the permanence of rubber and the tyre. The industrial material creates a visual language and power that can relate to our sense of aesthetic, beauty and modern day ritual. Julia has also set up and directs London Art Portfolio, which aids students in the preparation of their bespoke portfolios. She has lectured in Fine Art in the UK, at the Istituto Europeo di Design in Torino and overseas at the National Arts School in Papua New Guinea. In addition she has established art education projects for local communities and regenerated projects. These have included collaborations with EU institutions and other organisations such as UNESCO, UNV and WHO, covering issues related to health, skills and education. Julia is also an experienced curator in the art education sector: contemporary art galleries and museums.