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OPERA IN CONCORSO  Sezione Pittura

Giovanny Flórez | The Conflict
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The Conflict
oil and spatula, wood
90x60 cm.

Giovanny Flórez

nato/a a Medellin

residenza di lavoro/studio: La Estrella (COLOMBIA)

iscritto/a dal 05 mag 2014


Altre opere

Giovanny Flórez | Una Bella Irealidad

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Una Bella Irealidad
oil and spatula, canvas
58x87 cm.

Giovanny Flórez | Conflict Awareness

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Conflict Awareness
oil and spatula, canvas
58x82 cm.

Giovanny Flórez | Pure Energy

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Pure Energy
oil, brush ans spatula, canvas
88x121 cm

Descrizione Opera / Biografia

My proposal presents the shape, like a restless rebel structure, and struggle to have the spotlight on the artwork . The disorder has part of the movement and is presented with the same importance as the order, as in an artistic creation even chaos could be organized. All this is part of a worldwide movement that transcends our concepts of organic, physical or chemical. This product is the result of my conception of what is harmony and disharmony, conflict generates that gives life to my artistic process. Generates the conflict.
I invite you to see , what to me is play and constant experimentation. The search for identification from an abstract perspective; The beauty isolated on a huge world, but possible to achieve, the idea of ​​death, struggling not to be confused with an abstract and necessarily a tangible goal, and my interest if it means utopian , to vindicate the human presence as an inclusive consciousness and constructive; which, does not look at love as an exclusionary rule nor survives to discard another existence expressions. For life to stop being a target and to start being a conscious , pleasant, generous and happy process. The metamorphosis of texture can give us access to that inspection and hence further analysis.