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OPERA IN CONCORSO  Sezione Grafica

Flos | Selfies.
vedi ad alta risoluzione

pen and inkt and photoshop, paper
45x48 cm


nato/a a Nijmegen

residenza di lavoro/studio: Haarlem (NETHERLANDS)

iscritto/a dal 02 mag 2014


Altre opere

Flos | Digital boredom

vedi ad alta risoluzione

Digital boredom
pen and ink and photoshop, paper

Flos | Lonely apping.

vedi ad alta risoluzione

Lonely apping.
pen and ink and photoshop, paper

Descrizione Opera / Biografia

Series of illustrations dealing with the theme of our constant connectedness: internet addiction in adolescents is becoming more and more frequent, and recently doctors even linked the obsessive taking of selfies to a mental disorder.
About Flos: Flos graduated specializing in illustration and comics. Her funny and layered work is found in numerous newspapers and magazines. She also loves doing children’s’ books. Flos is always working on improving her ’lines’ (handwriting), -using a pencil just as easily as a tablet, and often together- making her art adventurous and most of all exciting to look at. She derives inspiration from travels around the globe, nature and sipping cocktails with friends.