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OPERA IN CONCORSO  Sezione Pittura

Dante Villa | Away from Pachamama
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Away from Pachamama
acrylic, watercolor, ink, saliva, paper
32 x 23,5 cm

Dante Villa

nato/a a

residenza di lavoro/studio: Brescia (ITALIA)

iscritto/a dal 05 mag 2014

Under 35

Altre opere

Dante Villa | The Sun people

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The Sun people
acrylic, watercolor, ink, sand, butterfly wings, paper
47.7 x 33.7 cm

Dante Villa | Untitled

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acrylic ink, gesso, paper
47.7 x 33.7 cm

Descrizione Opera / Biografia

My work helps me to investigate and record uncommon physical and mental states that I intentionally decide to experience. Through continuous study of a broad range of topics such as spirituality, mysticism, philosophy, shamanism, ritual, physical theatre, ethnobotany, altered states of consciousness and psychology, I find inspiration for creating works that explore different facets of consciousness and reality. Because of this variety of themes I do not see limits in the development of my working formula.
Generally, in my work I create a contemporary form of ritual, by reinterpreting classic techniques and beliefs of the shamanic and mystic tradition. Often the unusual states that I put myself into are recorded through the medium of drawing.
By a continuous practice in a more classic manner of drawing, I can keep my perception and capacity of “recording” it in this way trained, to be able to do it fluently and intuitively during the ritual.
I do not see my work as an activity that is isolated from the rest of my life. It is part of my general exploration and changes with its events and discoveries.