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aaron inker | anatomy of darkness
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anatomy of darkness
video, video

aaron inker

nato/a a Biella

residenza di lavoro/studio: Masserano (ITALIA)

iscritto/a dal 22 apr 2014

Under 35


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video, video

Descrizione Opera / Biografia

Anatomy of darkness is about body and traces that bodies leaves behind. more than physical that traces are more often made by imagination, perception and memories. They collide in a dark space, that is not reality, is an elsewhere space, a nowhere space. a space that is hard to understand, know, and penetrate. anatomy of darkness is an attemp to recreate that space and bring the spectator inside. a way to know more about it and about yourself. On the technical side the work is made projecting on a smoke curtain in a completely dark space, then shooting a close cut of the illuminated smoke to capture the shattered image. performer: valentina giolophotography: damiano andreottidirector: aaron inkeraaron inker (real name: Nicholas Ferrara) was born in a small town near Biella in 1984, after polytechnic study he shows art interests. Nicholas attended the ACME fine art academy in Novara improving his skills and finding his own style, then graduated in visual art class at IUAV in Venezia with the work ”liminal”. His works are focused on the mass-communication and on media, but he moves around many themes and styles. He usually uses video, audio and installation as expressive medium, but moves also towards other fields. In 2007 started to exhibit.