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 | Choreography to a New Whole

Choreography to a New Whole
experimental digital photography,
40 x 60 cm

Ursa Schoepper

nato/a a NRW
residenza di lavoro/studio: Rheinbach Near Bonn, GERMANY

iscritto/a dal 06 apr 2023


visualizzazioni: 48


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Descrizione Opera / Biografia

Experimental Fine Art Photography a Metaphor of Change
The photography, a system of multiple realities
What you see out of the window is not the living world.” (Vilem Flusser)
You have to distinguish between seeing something new or getting the opportunity to see something in a new way, new, revealed structures, a new shape, new connections and networks. This visualization does not show another world, but helps to have a different attitude towards the world. Individual elements come together to form a new whole.
The beauty of the world, its inherent formal order, makes me search for the formula of its perfection. Is it the synergy of their inner order? Is it the irrational that is in every reality?
Just as different patterns of perception can arise through choreography in dance, as an artist I can reconfigure the seemingly fixed worlds of a photographic reality. As an artist I am free to think, act and follow my imagination.
My experimental photographic art is not dedicated to realistic reality. The result is a virtual reality, so in possibility existing. It is my observation of the environment and a chance to break up the routines of perception.
In mythology, a shapeshifter has the ability to change both its forms an attributes as well as to be subsumed into a completely different being.
I’m actually just become physicists from love of order, due to the apparent disorder in nature to a higher order .... ”
Newton in ”Die Physiker”,Friedrich Dürrenmat
Ursa Schoepper Vita
Ursa Schoepper first completed her studies in Natural Science with state
examination. In addition she completed a study in cultural management,
state examinaten, with a concentration in fine arts, new media at Prof. Dr.Eckart Pankoke, Prof. Dr. Ulrich Krempel, Prof Dr. Michael Bockemühl.
In her Agency Virtuelle Denkraeume she designed and implemented many projects for cultural educational institutions. In 2001 she was awarded the Media Promotion Prize of the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia for „Das Museum der abwesenden Bilder“.
Since 2003 Ursa Schöpper has been working primarily as a photographic artist. Her artwork has been exhibited internationally and she is the recipient of notable awards. Her artworks are in interesting collections, for example in the Museo Civico Giovanni Fattori ex Granai de Villa Mimbelli and Fortezza Vecchia, Livorno, or the Helmholtz Zentrum für Materialien und Energie Berlin, Berlin - Wannsee und Berlin Adlershof.
Ursa Schoepper lives and works in the Rhineland near Bonn.