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vfx. sound art by dario duarte. 2021
2 min


nato/a a Ukraine
residenza di lavoro/studio: Los Angeles, UNITEDSTATES

iscritto/a dal 10 mag 2023


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Descrizione Opera / Biografia

My work is a definite view of the human body in the future, if some kind of a catastrophe occurs in our environment, bringing global unpredictable changes. I am considering a situation of a possible future when humans won’t be part of the metaverse or part of machines, but become part of nature. A global reassembly of the collective human body could make it part of the landscape with no other biological species left – only an indiscrete living matter.
The video that I made in one of The National Parks of Southern California – the area that was nearly destroyed by wildfires in 2018. Amazingly, one of the trees was burned on the outside, but completely remained alive inside. Some fragments of the burnt bark crumbled, and I filled those holes with computer-generated breathing
moving flesh. The wildfire in my work is a metaphor of a strong uncontrolled process of destruction and change, and at the same time – emergence of something new.
The sound art was created by a composer Dario Duarte from Argentina, he combined natural and electronic sounds.
Tripura is a Los Angeles based artist. She works with 3d motion graphics, video. Her works are inspired by the relationship between the global human body and the body of nature in the future, new forms of life, chimeras, boundless bodies, and interpretations of Love.
Tripura’s works have been featured on a digital billboard in Tokyo, were represented in Digital art month in Paris 2022, and have been shown in several recent exhibitions: Women of the world, Nowhere gallery, New York; Plexus project, New York; Superchief selects VOL.1 collection; Los Angeles; CADAF digital art fair 2022, New York, Ipecubo gallery, Milan, Italy.
Tripura (Maria Agureeva) is a winner of the prize from Ruinart Art Patronat (2019) and TRUST FOR MUTUAL UNDERSTANDING (2018), a nominee of the Kandinsky Prize (2013).