Riccardo Androni

nato/a a Bergamo
residenza di lavoro/studio: Treviso, ITALIA

iscritto/a dal 03 mag 2023

Under 35


visualizzazioni: 100


Descrizione Opera / Biografia

descrizione opera
Between physical and spiritual, matter and memory, the soul seeks to define itself through a movement between action and representation. The main themes are related to the eternal transformation of the self and the ego’s struggle to escape from its psychological traps. Bodies want to break out of matter and acquire their own identity.
Sensitive to death and the caducity of reality; curious and attracted to the unknown, Riccardo Androni is interested in the fragile and myste- rious human nature. Photography, video and performance have proven to be a privileged means by which to detect patterns of intrinsic meaning to reality. Lately, he has been exploring the technique of representation through an interdisciplinary approach. In his spare time he enjoys watching independent films and reading.
Born in Bergamo and based in Venice, Riccardo studied photography at LABA in Florence and attended a first level master’s degree in MOVIES - Moving Images Arts at IUAV, in Venice. He is currently enrolled in Scuola Cònia, directed by Claudia Castellucci and, in the meanwhile, an artist-in-residence at FABRICA, artistic research centre, in Treviso, under Carlos Casa’s artistic direction.
He exhibited at Young Italian Photographer Biennial and Portfolio Italia, and won the 2nd prize at XXII FotoConfronti. Currently exhibiting at Palazzetto Tito in Venice as part of DEBRIS exhibition, curated by Peter Welz.