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 | ALPHA (PSD_8) Free image. For contemplative use only

ALPHA (PSD_8) Free image. For contemplative use only
digital paint, paper fine art hahnem�hle : rag m�tallic. printing on aluminum
120 cm x 80 cm


nato/a a Cuba
residenza di lavoro/studio: Paris, FRANCE

iscritto/a dal 19 apr 2022

Under 35


visualizzazioni: 83


Descrizione Opera / Biografia

Everything must be transparent, the ideas, the speeches, the rules. So no one would hit rock bottom.
The ALPHA project initiated in 2022 is a series of digital illustrations printed on a large format support, which appropriates the aesthetics of PNG digital patterns.
A PNG image is a computer-generated graphic format where the background is transparent, protected and sometimes free to use.
Contemporary art has become an image bank for contemplative use, accessible to a minority. Inspired by this idea, the series creates images for free use, without anyone being able to use them.
From this paradox, the series focuses its attention on the usefulness of the false and the imbrication of the individual in an increasingly illegitimate context.