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 | See me Not

See me Not
digital print on aluminium,
150cm * 150cm

Nemanja Popadic

nato/a a Novi Sad, Serbia
residenza di lavoro/studio: Vienna, AUSTRIA

iscritto/a dal 23 apr 2023

Under 35

visualizzazioni: 60


Descrizione Opera / Biografia

“See me Not”
The concept for this project originates from the digital alteration of aerial images showcasing ruined concrete floors. These superimposed photographs have been digitally manipulated and enhanced with a vivid red hue, which is known to evoke powerful emotions in individuals. The resulting artwork resembles one of the most renowned psychological tests - the Rorschach test-used to assess an individual’s emotional state and functionality.
The eerie sensation created by the work invites viewers to delve into their own memories and experiences, filling up what seems like emptiness but may actually be remnants of decayed recollections that still hold weight within us. The piece stimulates introspection while also providing a visually captivating experience.
Born in Novi Sad, Yugoslavia in 1990, Nemanja Popadic is a graduate of the University IUAV in Venice with a Bachelor’s Degree in Design/Fashion Design. He continued his academic journey by earning a Master’s Degree in “Art and Science” from Vienna’s University of Applied Arts, where he currently pursues his Doctorate degree as well.
Nemanja employs a multidimensional and cross-disciplinary approach to art, often combining elements of performance art and multimedia installations to create thought-provoking atmospheres that encourage reflection on universal concepts related to human condition and existence. His works have been showcased at various galleries, museums and off-spaces across Austria, Italy and Serbia.
He lives and works in Vienna.