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Nataly Goncharova-Kantor

nato/a a Ukraine
residenza di lavoro/studio: Меvaseret Zion, ISRAEL

iscritto/a dal 08 mag 2023


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digital graphics,


digital graphics,


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The Lost Civilization
I have always been fascinated by the mysteries of vanished civilizations, their forgotten worlds, by their undeciphered writings, which conceal the mysteries of existence.
How did these worlds emerge, and how did they vanish? Their development, dynamics, and destruction; their transition into a different state.
Nothing lasts forever, yet nothing is lost forever.
The experience of the vanished civilizations is passed on to us, and it lives on in our world – in our science and culture, as well as in our subconscious. It can never be deciphered or fully grasped, yet it endows our perception with the internal volume.
Many of our inner qualities may stem from there: our secret knowledge, an ancient memory of sorts – that which imperceptibly controls our impulses, being both intimate and exciting; that which keeps growing inside us, while remaining ultimately mysterious. A tiny part of ourselves, the deepest memory of our soul.
How and why did these worlds disappear, vanishing from the face of the earth?
Why can we never get to the bottom of these phenomena, or read the signs that they have left behind?
The reason for their disappearance may be not only material but spiritual, as well; and it may hold a lesson for our civilization, which is hurtling toward a crisis of its own.
Through the fragmentation, atomization, and eclecticism of its constituent parts, through its overburdened and mechanistic nature, and through the raging torrent of information, the fundamental energy of existence remains active. The ancient signs keep emerging. Although they are still undeciphered, they speak to us in a mysterious voice from the abyss of time, and we can hear in it a warning of sorts, a call to recreate the unity of the world and the connection with the Divine principle.
Was born and educated in art in Kharkiv, Ukraine.
Since 1885 she lived in Odesa and actively participated in all-Ukrainian and international exhibitions of nonconformists.
Nataly is a representative of the 2nd wave of the Ukranian avant-guard.
Since 1992 she lives in Jerusalem.
She doing research on authentic techniques: Zen painting, ancient icon painting.
Creates copies of Sinai icons in the monastery of Saint Catherine. (Egypt).
Her icons and frescoes are in the temples of Jaffa, Nazareth, Jerusalem, etc., in numerous private collections.
She works in different directions and techniques: painting (oil, acrylic, watercolor), icon painting (egg tempera), fresco painting, graphics, collage, mixed media, media art, and digital graphics. 
Nataly explores visual manifestations of the drama of images in the metaphysical space, working with a broad associative spectrum of symbolic content.
She works on the idea of synthesizing the symbolic language of the icon and Zen painting in digital graphics.
Nataly experiments with different materials, that enable to convey the sound of visuality through liberated, expressive techniques.
Her group and solo exhibitions were held in the Odessa Museum of Eastern and Western Art, in the Museum of Modern Art in Israel, and in the galleries and art spaces in Germany, France, Holland, Belgium, the USA, and Canada. She takes part in the International Exhibition Project by the Dutch collector Christiaan de Boks.
Works are in galleries and private collections in many countries of the world.
“Every new artwork is, for me, an existential voyage, in which I discover for myself the multidimensional visual and poetic space.
It is important for me to find the sacral, symbolic sound of reality in the unmediated freedom of the plastic statement.
Artistic creation is, for me, a way of overcoming the fragmentation of the past and the present, the limitedness of time; achieving a feeling of oneness with all of existence; of conveying the associative premonition that gives rise to images, and shapes – as though opening a door into the powerful, primordial element of the cosmos…”

Website: http://natalygoncharova.com