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 | Chrónosurficie Nr. 17

Chrónosurficie Nr. 17
digital photography, nikon z7
90 x120 mm

Martina Alice Tolotti

nato/a a Milano
residenza di lavoro/studio: Berlin, GERMANY

iscritto/a dal 18 mag 2023


visualizzazioni: 40


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 | Chrónosurficie Nr. 1

Chrónosurficie Nr. 1
digital photography, nikon z7
540 x720 mm

 | Chrónosurficie Nr. 10

Chrónosurficie Nr. 10
digital photography, nikon z7
180 x 240 mm

 | Chrónosurficie Nr. 6

Chrónosurficie Nr. 6
digital photography, nikon z7
300 x 400 mm

Descrizione Opera / Biografia

In the serie Chrónosurficie I collect evidences of the earth’s evolution and my camera became a storytelling devices to create fictional and multi-scale landscapes.
More than ever after 2020, the look at the earth comes with a concerned gaze, the collective consciousness is shaken by uncertain information, and coexistence on the planet seems to be a fragile balance that cannot be taken for granted. As an act of repair, In this series I reconnect with the past and evolution of our planet’s material formation.
A geologist would say that surfaces preserve the memory of the movements of life and can be perceived as the result of the mutations of matter.
As an ever-evolving archive, it can show us the gain of many cycles of life and death. One could say we were born from the patience of metamorphosis and its haste for progress.
But how do we perceive the hunger of evolution that has shaped us over millions of years?
In that case, Chrónosurficie is the outline to imagine the surface under which the prodigious evolutionary archaeology of our past flows.
The first Chapter focuses on calming magma and crystalized amber filtering light. Following are rocks that have been crawling, colliding with others, re-melting, breaking into thousand shards and becoming one again. We’ve been once a scaly creature, the firstborn without a backbone, and a clam who has created a casket, mother pearl, to protect itself, illuminating the surrounding underwater to blind potential predators.
The shiny scales of Chrónosurficie Nr. 17, creates an active and visual connection with nature and allows us also to observe the proportion between our lives and the former narrative of the earth we live on.
The project features 17 vertical shots and is divided into four chapters:
Magma and amber, x4 elements printed 720 x 540 mm
Chrónosurficies No. 1-4
Rock, x4 elements printed 180 x 240 mm
Chrónosurficies No. 5-9
Mother-of-pearl and shells, x4 elements printed 300 x 400 mm
Chrónosurficies No. 10-13
Scales, x5 elements printed 90 x 120 mm
Chrónosurficies No. 14-17