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 | Figure and Taboo

Figure and Taboo
hand-built, glazed ceramic, line for hanging
200x150 cm

Marta Gabulya

nato/a a Nyíregyháza
residenza di lavoro/studio: Nyíregyháza, HUNGARY

iscritto/a dal 02 mag 2023

Under 35


visualizzazioni: 45


Descrizione Opera / Biografia

Although the concept of taboo can be traced back to the customs of primitive peoples, today’s societies and cultures are not free from the certain attitudes they believe in.
Taboos can connect social groups but also can separate them.
Studies, membership:
1997 Hungarian Academy of Applied Arts (MOME), Budapest
Master of Arts Degree in Ceramics Design
1995 Ontario College of Art (OCAD), Toronto
Applied Art and Design Ceramics
2000- Association of Hungarian Artists (MAOE),
2015- Hadron Art Association
2022 BWA Gallery, Rzeszow Poland 2019 Pál Gyula Hall, Nyíregyháza 2018 Tower Gallery, Sopron, 2017 Kápolna Gallery, Kecskemét 2017 The 2nd National Ceramics Quadriennial, Pécs 2016 City Gallery, Nyíregyháza, 2015 Pál Gyula Hall, Nyíregyháza, 2014 Sesztina Gallery, Debrecen 2013 Andrássy castle, Monok 2012 Fall Exhibition, Jósa András Museum 2010 City hall, Szatmárnémeti, 2009 Rétközi Museum, Kisvárda 2007 Pál Gyula Hall, Nyíregyháza 2001 Art Museum of Győr,1997 Tölgyfa Gallery, Budapest 1995 George R. Gartner Ceramics Museum, Toronto 1995 Arts on King Gallery, Toronto 1994 Sympton Hall, Toronto
Scholarships, Award:
2017, 2009 Art Scholarship City of Nyíregyháza 1995 Friends of OCA Scholarship, Nora E. Vaughan Award 1993 Ceramics Faculty Award, Friends of OCA Scholarship
Public Art Works, and Works in Public Collections:
Village Museum, Nyíregyháza
Court of Justice, Nyirbátor
Jósa András Museum, Nyíregyháza
City Gallery of Nyíregyháza
Andrássy castle, Monok
International Ceramics Studio, Kecskemét