Premio Combat Prize

Leidinger_Art - Premio Combat Prize

OPERA IN CONCORSO | Sezione Pittura

 | Mozart 21th Century

Mozart 21th Century
mix technique with acrylic, canvas
100 x 120 cm


nato/a a Germany
residenza di lavoro/studio: Pirmasens, GERMANY

iscritto/a dal 11 apr 2019

visualizzazioni: 91


Altre opere

 | Sonnenspiel

mix technique with acrylic, canvas
100 x 150 cm

 | The Queen-United

The Queen-United
mix technique with acrylic, canvas
80 x 120 cm

 | Hope

mix technique with acrylic, canvas
80 x 120 cm

Descrizione Opera / Biografia

Several show appearances with Bodypainting,
2009 in the final at the Bodypainting World Championship;
2012 on SWR-TV Here on land and live with SWR-coffee or tea,
2013 SWR-Landesschau RP / Personal,
2015 first exhibition at the Art-Hotel Lauterbach in Kaiserslautern, SWR expedition to the homeland,
2016 of 762 participants among the best 70 at the national / international art prize of Karlsruhe, followed by the vernissage and exhibition,
2016 Exhibition at the KunstGenuss in Pirmasens, City Outlet in Zweibrücken, Art-Hotel Lauterbach in Kaiserslautern.
Final participant at the Karlsruhe Art Prize 2017.
Febraur 2017 Internship at GERMAN POP ART Artist MICHEL-FRIESS.COM
April 2017 Area manager of the artists at the KREATIVVITTI fair Pirmasens, with his own exhibition.
June 2017 Talkgast with three works in Hamburg at the television broadcast ”Was Kunst Du”, May 2018 Member of Artfactory Graz, June 2018 Solo exhibition at Galerie Artfactory in Austria, July 2018 Represented at Galerie Elitzer in Germany, Saarbrücken, July 2018 Joint exhibition with Rainer Schoch in Switzerland, July 2018 Solo exhibition at Galerie Rotes Sofa at Lilo Schmidt-Wiedenroth in the Lüneburger Heide.
January 21 bis 31
16.03.2019 - 03.05.2019 Exhibition in der Galerie Elitzer in Saarbrücken.
Exhibition Mai 2019 in der Galerie Arp,
Exhibition Royal Opera Arcade Gallery 21.04.2019