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 | What can I do

What can I do
oil, canvas

Jonas Ng

nato/a a Hong Kong
residenza di lavoro/studio: Hong Kong, ITALIA

iscritto/a dal 30 mag 2020


visualizzazioni: 54


Descrizione Opera / Biografia

This artwork is part of a series of abstract figurative painting I have been working on last few months. The inspiration is coming from the rocks on the shore and the protagonist is gradually washed away by the water, feeling depressed.
I am Jonas, a freelance make up artist. I was born in Hong Kong. Art is always something I long for but I can only treat it as weekend hobby.
A one month wheel throwing ceramics course turned out to a seven years’ practice and creation. I was drawn to Art books accidentally in bookshop and fascinated by famous paintings, masters and art movements. This was the time I obtained Diploma in Drawing and Painting and Advance Diploma in Fine Arts (Merit) at the School of Continuing and Professional Studies, Chinese University of Hong Kong. Then I was attracted to make up and achieved Diploma in Photographic and Fashion Make up in CIBTAC, UK.
Hoping perseverance and crafted hands could bring me to make up career, I quit my full time job as Office Manager. A set back in make up career in 2019 turned to a calling to painting again. My work “Shall we talk later” and “I don’t care” were juried as a finalist in Art Next Expo 2019 and exhibited in PMQ in Hong Kong. “A working day in the airport”, “Can you hear me”, “Waiting for a cure”, “Please come quickly” and “You are not alone” were selected as a finalist in Arts Dot 2020 in Karlskrona, Sweden. Moreover, my work “The girl in tears”, “It’s dark here”, “A working day in the airport”, “Can you hear me” and “Waiting for a cure” were chosen as a finalist in Prisma Art Prize 2019 first, third and fourth edition in Rome, Italy. “Waiting for a cure” has won Biafarin prize in fourth edition of Prisma Art Prize 2019.
I love to paint large portrait in oil using bold colours. Human faces are complicated and hold a lot of stories behind. I am very sensitive to people’s emotions and attracted to people’s expressions. In busy and stressful city like Hong Kong, I notice the sluggish eyes and lack of smiles on people’s faces. Do they feel lonely, alienated, indifferent or sad? Fauvism and Expressionism had great impact in my work.