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 | Transforming Landscapes I

Transforming Landscapes I
photograpy // intervention,
59,4x42 cm

heidundgriess _Artist Duo_

nato/a a Hameln
residenza di lavoro/studio: Hamburg, GERMANY

iscritto/a dal 05 mag 2023


visualizzazioni: 114


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Transforming Landscapes II
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Descrizione Opera / Biografia

Transforming Landscapes I, Photo / Installation, Kakslauttanen, Finland, 2022.
Short description:
”Transforming Landscape I” is part of a series of photographic Interventions we did during a one-month artist residency in October 2022 in Kakslauttanen, Finland.
By moving tree trunks and the resulting minimal irritations in the landscape, that can only be seen by ”one special perspective (just one p.o.v)” we want to point out global interventions of humans in a natural cycle, which takes place for its own economic and profit-oriented motives.
We want to question whether a human manipulated forest can still be an attractive, functioning habitat and whether we are able to deal with the resulting consequences.
who we are:
Heidundgriess // Alexandra Grieß, Jorel Heid
Since 2011 we work as an artist duo, based in Hamburg, Germany,
Due to our different professional backgrounds, we combine the fields of art, architecture, and design.
In our artistic interdisciplinary practice, we have been working and researching on the topic of rapidly growing cities and their consequences for so-called “nature”. We deal with questions such as:
-What different understandings and interpretations does the term “Nature” unite, each of which is individual, culturally shaped or conceived as a market-based idea?
-What are the consequences when we shape, transform and conquer our environment according to our needs or economic interests?
We take up site-specific themes and develop interactive, multimedia installations and interventions in public spaces as well as in galleries.
Alexandra Grieß:
Born 1977 in Hameln/Germany, living in Hamburg since 1995, 2001-2004 studies visual communication at the HAW (University of applied Science) in Hamburg, Germany. Since then working as an Artist, Photographer and Soundartist.
Jorel Heid:
Born 1982 in in Savigny/Switzerland, 2003-2006, education as a joiner in Tübingen/ Germany. Since then working as an independent Joiner, Artist and Designer.
resume // heidundgriess
2023 4 weeks Artist residency, Freesam, Pico Island, Azores
2022 (S) Soloshow at Mundhalle Hamburg, Germany
2022 Artist residency and exhibition, Kakslauttanen, Finland
2022 (G) Exhibition „Wildbits“, Kaunas , Latvia
2022 (G) „Ups and downs“, Outdoor technological art Festival „Wildbits“, Installation, Maajaam, Estonia
2022 Investigation Residency „Obenstadt“, Goethe Institute, Rotterdam, Netherlands
2022 (G) „dissolve“, „Between Ebb & Flow“, Installation, Public Art Festival, Hamburg, Germany
2022 (S) Permanent Installation „swarm“, Herring Era Museum, Siglufjördur, Iceland.
2021 (G) „Poetry of Translation“, exhibtion, Merano Arte, Merano, Italy
2021 (S) Exhibition, „Hamburger Kultursommer“, Mundhalle, Hamburg, Germany
2021 (S) „throbber“, Installation in public space, Toronto, Canada
2020 (S) „highway=footway, layer 1“, Installations at Kunstverein Harburger Bahnhof, Hamburg, Germany
2020 (G) A4 ARIE Online Exhibition: 60 Days of Lockdown, Chengdu, China
2019 (G) „perspects“ 4.8., Exhibition at A5 Gallery, Chengdu, China
2019 Exhibition stipend and artist residency A4 Museum / Chengdu, China
2019 (S) Winning design at international Art//Design//Architecture competition: „Icebreakers“,Toronto, Canada
2018 (S) pure simulation, Galerie Bridget Stern, Hamburg, Germany
2018 S) Winning design at international Art//Design//Architecture competition: „Winterstations“, Toronto, Canada
2018 (S) „Dentro del tiempo“, Installation in public space, Pinea Gallery, Cadìz, Spain
2017 1st Jury-price at the Festival of Performing Arts, „reconstructuring”, Hamburg, Germany
2017 (G) offshore art // „access point“, Hamburg, Germany
2017 (G) „swimming pool“, Installation, „Battle of Baakenhöft“,
Hamburg, Germany
2017 (G) „housing the many“, Urbanize Festival, Galerie Speckstrasse, Hamburg, Germany
2016 (S) „56,4 tons bed ash“, Installation, Art & Music Festival „Fusion“, Lärz, Germany
2016 (S) „15,3 m3 glow“, Installation, “A Summer`s Tale”, Lohmühlen, Germany
2016 (G) 14 Segments, Installation, group exhibition, “a brave new world”, Affenfaust Galerie, Hamburg, Germany
2015 Artist residency, Siglufjördur, Iceland
2015 (S) 251 „Zugvögel“ & „18qm glow“, Installations, “A Summer`s Tale”, Lohmühlen, Germany
2015 (S) Installation „black is black“, Art & Music Festival „Fusion“, Lärz, Germany
2015 (G) Exhibition: „Young International Contest of Contemporary Art“, Lugano, Switzerland
2014 (G) „Gewuchs teil III mit ton“, Installation, Westwerk, Hamburg, Germany
2014 (S) Installations, Art & Music Festival,„Off the radar“, Te Arai, New Zealand
2013 (G) „Emerging Artist“, Exhibition, Affordable Artfair, Hamburg, Germany
2012 (G) Cloud-spotter visuell, Exhibition, Galerie Westwerk, Hamburg, Germany
2011 (G) „was weiss ich schwarz I“, Kunsthaus Speck