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 | In the 4D, knots are left behind!

In the 4D, knots are left behind!
digital graphics, print, paper
70 x 100 cm, can be variable

Galina Bleikh

nato/a a Russia
residenza di lavoro/studio: Maale Adumim, ISRAEL

iscritto/a dal 11 apr 2023


visualizzazioni: 44


Descrizione Opera / Biografia

This work is one of the series ”In the 4D, knots are left behind!”
Knots live in the 3-dimensional space only. Based on the Knot Theory, one cannot tie knots in the 4D. In our visible 3D reality, however, we have to invest efforts to untie things, and yet we do not always succeed in doing so.
Normally, humans are not able to sense the 4th dimension. Are there any means that still could help us gain this experience?
In VR, there are no physical limitations. Surfaces penetrate each other freely, so that, for example, one does not have to look for the “correct” cord to untie a knot: the cords – and objects in general – can just dissolve into one another. In light of this, I suggest that VR can serve as a model of the 4th dimension and thus make it accessible for our visual perception. At any rate, untying knots in VR doesn’t take much.
I work in New Media Art: Digital art concepts, 3d, AR and VR, Bio-art, Video art, Web-art, Generative art, etc. I am interested in how the new technological reality can interact with us through art.
I graduated from the Stieglitz St. Petersburg State Academy of Art and Industry (MA). Since 1993, I live and work in Israel.
I take part in many solo and group exhibitions and Contemporary art conferences all over the world. Among them: ArtPlatform On, South Korea (2022), The CICA Museum of Modern Art, South Korea (2021), KZ gallery for VR, Russia, (1920), NordArt, Germany (2019), Xposed Gallery, New-York (2019), Haifa Museum of Art, Israel (2018), Street Art Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia (2018), LA Art Show USA (2013), Artco France Gallery, Paris, France (2012), Art Asia Miami, USA (2011), etc.