OPERA IN CONCORSO | Sezione Scultura/Installazione

 | ROOMS x 2

mixed media, iteractiv installation, iron, plexiglas, paining on paper with earth, oxyds, pigments
250cm h, 250cm l , 300cm d

Gabriela Nepo-Stieldorf

nato/a a Kufstein/ Tirol
residenza di lavoro/studio: Innsbruck, AUSTRIA

iscritto/a dal 30 mag 2020


visualizzazioni: 58


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 | EGO-ME, detail to ROOMS x 2

EGO-ME, detail to ROOMS x 2
painting with earth, earth oxyds, pigments and glue, paper
45 x 55 cm


painting with earth, earth oxyds, pigments and glue, paper
45 x 55 cm

 | ROOMS x 2

mixed media, interactiv installation, iron, plexiglas, paining on paper with earth, oxyds, pigments
250cm h, 250cm l , 300cm d

Descrizione Opera / Biografia

In the installation: ROOMS x2, a clearly defined space with transparent walls stands for our need for a protected inner space, which must nevertheless retain its transparency in order to enable an encounter with the You. When you step into the room, I, YOU, WE stand for the essential concepts of human communication as the essential basis of any interpersonal encounter.
. The open room is 3 x 2,5 m in the floor plan, wall parts made of transparent plastic plates hang on a stable iron frame. On these the earth paintings with I-YOU-WE in Greek, German and English are fixed, which are welded waterproof.
Me, you and We are painted with earth, earth oxides, pigments and glue on paper in mostly 10 layers. Each layer is partially lifted off again, so that the underlying colour and signs appear partially, like on old crumbling walls, on which each generation brushes its colour and signs over the layer of its predecessors.
In this way a very personal and at the same time generational history is told.
The wandering sun creates a second floor plan through its shadow play.
Vita: 1948 born in Kufstein
1967- 77 from studying medicine to education, teaching
1982- 94 artistic education, among others Günther Praschak / University of Art Linz, Imre Schrammel / University of Applied Arts Budapest and Siklos
since 1996 monumental works in stone
since 2005 Organization of the IKSIT-Internal. Ceramics Symposium Innsbruck-Tyrol as Triennial
Curatorial activities for national and international art projects e.g. carrying dreams the body (on the theme of disability with 8 exhibitions from Trento to Brussels)
Translimite (Euregio project with 3 sculptors)
Author for professional journals, lecturer at the bilding / School of Art and Architecture Innsbruck, for Cultural Services and the University of Education
Golden Order of Merit of the Republic of Austria
Silver medal of the IV International Biennale Cairo / Egypt
Recognition award of the IV.Triennale of Small Ceramics, Zagreb
3 artist scholarships of the Land Tirol in Chios / Greece and Paliano / Italy
Artist in Residence Invitations: in Italy, Greece, Hungary, Canada, Japan, USA, France etc.
Participation in international competitions and symposia (including Germany, Hungary, Finland, Russia, Great Britain, Egypt, Japan and Austria with exhibitions and catalogues
Works in many private and museum collections and in public spaces, including Italy, Hungary, Switzerland, Holland, Great Britain, Finland, Russia, USA and Egypt
Town hall from TAJIMI City / Japan, museum of Art Center University of Aberystwyth/ Wales,
Heineken factory Arnheim / Netherlands
collections of :Janus-Pannonius Museum in Pecs / Hungary, Iris collection / Porvoo / Finland
collection of Shuvalovo-and Museum of modern Art Oranienbaum, St. Petersburg / Russia,
of the castle Beladice / Slovakia, National Centre of Fine Arts Cairo / Ägypten
Tyrolian government and the township from Innsbruck, Tyrolian Hypo bank, University of Innsbruck, sculptor biker round trip Leoganger Steinberge, Centre of chemistry and biochemistry in Innsbruck,
Stone sculptures: University of Innsbruck, theological faculty; stone trail in Berlin / Buch; Wolfsberg / Carinthia; Mandarfen-Pitztal/ Tyrol; sculpture trail Vent/ Ötztal, Tyrol,
Sculpture centre Kunstwerk Krastal and Wolfsberg/ Carinthia
Member: Künstlerhaus Vienna, INTAKT (intern. Aktionsgemeinschaft bild. Künstlerinnen), IG Bildende Kunst/Sculpture Network, Kunstwerk Krastal and IAA (Intern. Association of Art), ACI-IAC ( Intern. Academy of ceramic