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 | Covid Invasion

Covid Invasion
textile art, metal, wire, material,

Gabriela Drees-Holz

nato/a a Cali
residenza di lavoro/studio: Korschenbroich, GERMANY

iscritto/a dal 21 apr 2020

visualizzazioni: 85


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 | Fall of the throne

Fall of the throne
textile art, metal, wire, fabric

Descrizione Opera / Biografia

Reference: the current Covid19 pandemic.
Description + interpretation:
A black-brown crocheted standing large grill grate is attached vertically to a steel spiral. It offers the viewer associations with destruction and death. This impression is underlined by the brown-yellow-black fabric tube that penetrates the grate horizontally and vertically, but a large part is still outside. The pattern of the hose allows associations with snakes.
www.Dreho.de/ dreho@gmx.de Haagweg 2 41352 Korschenbroich
Textile, object and installation artist, painter
Member: BBK Bonn / Sculture Network / with various local artist groups
Art studies, 2008-2012 Alanus University of Applied Sciences Bonn Alfter
Foundation and management of ”Kunsthaus Dreho / Drinnen & Draussen” (since 2012)
Award winner: Award of Honorable Mention, Circle Foundation for the Arts 2019
Certificate of Excellence Artavita / Nov 2019: Competing for Exposition at Art Expo New York 2020 April / Palm Award 2018
Nominations 2020: Artbox.Project Barcelona / Artbox.Project Zurich / Palm Award / New York Artfair, Art Contest Competition / Florenz International Prize Leonardo Da Vinci
2019: Worpswede Art Prize, Music / Power / Communication / Perron Frankenthal Prize
/ Life is beautiful, Karlsdorf-Neuthard / FormART Prize, Hamburg-Glinde
2018: The Rine Art, Bad Godesberg, Katharinenhof 2016: CityARTkadenWuppertal
Art fairs: 2020/21 Discovery Art Fair Cologne, 2019 Europ Art Fair Amsterdam, Sitthard Artfair KunzFetti 2017