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coffee and ink on paper, digital enhancement,

David Von Bassewitz

nato/a a Giessen, Germany
residenza di lavoro/studio: Lübeck, GERMANY

iscritto/a dal 30 mag 2020


visualizzazioni: 83


Descrizione Opera / Biografia

coffee and ink on paper
David von Bassewitz studied illustration at the
University of Applied Sciences Würzburg and
cinematography at the University Erlangen.
His commercial work has won awards including
the Montreux Golden Award and the Cannes
Silver Lion (both 2005) and Best Illustrator at ADC
Europe 2010. His Black.Light Project has been
seen internationally and was nominated for the
German Human Rights Film Award 2014.
His works have also been exhibited in the National Portrait Gallery London and Edinburgh and in the Museum of modern Art, Frankfurt.