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Submerge 16
password for video: submerge16

Christina Maj Lundqvist

nato/a a Copenhagen
residenza di lavoro/studio: Birkerod, DENMARK

iscritto/a dal 30 apr 2022


visualizzazioni: 94


Descrizione Opera / Biografia

Video of a person under water wrapped and and surrounded with fabrics and a plastic flamingo.
Christina Maj Lundqvist is born in Denmark 1972. Works include video art, painting/drawing (canvas and paper), photography and light sculptures/installations. Water is her on going constant. Working with video started in the pursuit of her underwater motives. She visualizes a distorted slow motion subject matter in a color diffused setup where sound and picture flows together using editing software.

Everything below is mirrored impressions on the underwater surface. Lundqvist is preoccupied with the elusive, distorted and dissolved person under water, molded in digital possibilities and uses simple but strong visual effects to create the phenomena of sense perception as an avenue to self-knowledge. The saturated colours, the slow motion and the loss of gravity uses the inner language of subjektive thoughts and collective memories
The compelling elusiveness of a quite simple and familiar motive challenges ones perception. The motives become dreamy and interesting like a moving painting.
Lundqvist’s works appeal to your senses, in more ways than one. To perceive what is going on with the subjects you will have to take a very close look. But the videos creates more questions than they give answers. The viewer is submerged further into this liquified world.
Educated at the Art school Spektrum in Copenhagen and Copenhagen art school. She has been exhibited in groupexhibitions in Vienna (2017) and Berlin (2013/2016) and in NordArt2021 in Germany.
In Denmark she has been in several state juried exhibitions: The Spring Exhibition 2020, The Autumn Exhibition 2019, The Easter Exhibition 2019/2016 and The Summer Exhibition 2015.
2019 she won first prize at “VK19”, Holbaek. At the “Award Exhibition 2016” Gallery Oxholm in Copenhagen she recieved “The audience award” and “The award for Second place”.