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Conseption BOKIKI
digital, next day and string

BOKIKI Vujanovic Irena Jovanovic Bojan

nato/a a Belgrade
residenza di lavoro/studio: Chicago, UNITEDSTATES

iscritto/a dal 18 mag 2023


visualizzazioni: 27


Descrizione Opera / Biografia

Lets work talks for itself !!!
BOKIKI is a digital art collaboration of Irena Vujanovic and Bojan Jovanovic. Artistic project began in 1993, when two artist Irena Vujanovic and Bojan Jovanovic met by coincidence in Rio de Janeiro where Bojan was
studying Visual Arts. Both of the artist come from the same city of Belgrade and left at the same time following the breakup of Yugoslavia; Irena moved to Chicago, while Bojan left for Brazil and later moved to New York. While Irena’s career was at the University connected with science and art simultaneously, Bojan on the other hand became involved with international caricature connected with New York Times. By an accident or perhaps fate two of them got reunited in Chicago of 2015, and soon after “Bokiki Art” was born. The experience of two artists working together and caching the mutual inspirational momentum from the start is helping them to be more assure of the consistency of the final result.