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 | Tranformation

author’s technique, canvas, acrylic, palette knife,

Anastasia Gavrilova

nato/a a Alma-Ata, Kazakhstan, USSR
residenza di lavoro/studio: Moscow, RUSSIA

iscritto/a dal 30 mag 2020

Under 35


visualizzazioni: 85


Altre opere

 | Aspiration

author’s technique, canvas, acrylic, palette knife, aluminum wire, glass balls.
80 x 70 cm

 | Memory

canvas, acrylic, palette knife, plexiglas
80 x 50 cm

 | The Deep

The Deep
canvas, acrylic, palette knife,
60 x 80 cm

Descrizione Opera / Biografia

Transformation of personality can take place when a person, taking into account the previous negative experience or events, can change his life. And change the past without denying it, but using it for building the future. Only then he can unlock the potential and fly.
An artist, designer and creator, holder of international awards, regular participant of international exhibitions.
Studied at artistic gymnasium in Rostov-on-Don. Graduated from the Institute of Architecture and Arts of the Southern Federal University in 2010. Later got additional education in British Higher School of Art and Design and RANEPA . Since 2011 Anastasia lives and works in Moscow, Russia.
She founded a laboratory of innovative design “A.R.Novate” with her husband in 2012.
Fine art is an important aspect of Anastasia’s creative activity. In abstract painting she combines experiments with materials, techniques and a special creative approach.
«When working on paintings, I am trying to transfer everything that is going on inside me on a canvas. In most cases I am painting without sketches to save these emotions that induced me to creative activities.
It’s fundamental for me to transfer this energetic stream that appears inside me as a result of certain situation – indignation, joy, etc. Thanks to these feelings I am implementing the true meaning – that makes my artwork sincere and truthful. It’s impossible to play the emotions, you can only experience it. I am experiencing it on canvas.
I am inspired by both joyful moments – love and delivery of a child, and protest against certain social situations, which take place in the world: replacement of true values by material things; surfeit of information streams, that make human development worse and don’t let him follow his heart; fault goals, formed by social racing etc.
In my opinion, the real emotion vitalizes the painting, fill it with energy, and the sense, that I involve in a painting, reflects my outlook, my philosophy of life. »