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 | Red Dirt Inquisition, No. 15

Red Dirt Inquisition, No. 15
archival pigment print,
18.4 x 25.4cm

Peter Stitt

nato/a a Erie, Pennsylvania
residenza di lavoro/studio: North Augusta, UNITEDSTATES

iscritto/a dal 13 apr 2021


visualizzazioni: 251


Descrizione Opera / Biografia

Edition of 5 + AP
Red Dirt Inquisition:
The landscape of the American south has always been a special place for me. It is where I was raised, where most of my family is from, and the place that I call home. It does, at times, however, present oddities and mysteries that one doesn’t always expect. It isn’t always obvious. Sometimes it will be an object on the side of the road, or other times the way the light casts upon a field. It can show as a small detail on a building, and other times it is just something that seems like it should not be there to begin with. For many, though, these things are so common they do not recognize them. These things are esoteric and as expected as the red dirt that lies beneath most of the terrain.

The curious quality of the region helped me to break from my normal use of a single image. I have maintained a process of photographing things only as I find them, yet communicating the landscape’s feel to the viewer desired more. Through the use of diptychs and the play of two images as one, I have been able to do create a visual narrative through one composition rather than relying on the whole of a series. The dual images, sometimes creating one but always performing in tandem, develop into an inquisition of themselves, the composition as a whole, and the peculiar feeling of the place they represent.

The landscape of the south is profound and not always as it seems. Understanding it is a task made more difficult by the fact it has no need or desire to explain itself. It holds secrets that require one to open their senses and to ask more from them. To view it, one has to make inquiries, seeking understanding through the interaction of the place itself. Like the red soil underneath the landscape, both question and response can be, colloquially speaking, clear as dirt.
Currently residing in North Augusta, SC, Peter Stitt is a photographer who has been exhibited nationally and internationally, from Portland, OR, to Venice, Italy. A graduate of Northeastern University, he has studied and honed his craft through teaching, commercial assisting, and gallery management.
Working currently as a full-time artist, Stitt produces images that reflect on the social landscape and how it shapes our experiences, past and present. With influences from street photography and the New Topographics movement, his photography speaks to a sense of place, time, and familiarity with everyday environments and the landscapes they create.