OPERA IN CONCORSO | Sezione Scultura/Installazione

 | Contradictions

hand built, stoneware,pigments

Natalia Abramishvili

nato/a a Moscow, Russia
residenza di lavoro/studio: Geneva, SWITZERLAND

iscritto/a dal 30 apr 2021


visualizzazioni: 282


Descrizione Opera / Biografia

Life and love are two inseparable concepts.
The feelings of each person are individual and diverse. And the strongest emotion, which has an incredible power to create, destroy, change, and develop, is love.
In this project, remembering my strongest spiritual feelings, I tried to materialize them in an inanimate object, expressing them through color, texture, while cornered them into a frame, namely into a form - a Brick, a cube.
This framing gesture is the minimal act of composition.
By combining the feelings inside my frame, I separated the world from the work.
The Brick became a building material for emotional construction. After all, what we are, is formed through our experiences. These emotions change us, creating a ”building” of our personality.
I chose one feeling for my project. But it accommodates many other intersecting emotions: contradiction, affection, fondness, Jealousy, envy and fear; doubts, relationships. Each cube is a felling expressed through the glaze, color, texture. the only unchanged part of it is a form.
For the PREMIOCAMBAT Prize I have chose three of ten bricks-emotions: CONTRADICTIONS, SPLIT and FONDNESS
I want to invite the viewer to ”try on” my personal experiences on my materialized feelings.
To agree or to contend.