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 | YOGA (wheel)

YOGA (wheel)
installation, plexiglas, yoga wheel
50x150 x30 cm (variable dimensions)

GHEEM Sookyoung

nato/a a Daegu, South Korea
residenza di lavoro/studio: Vitry-sur-seine, FRANCE

iscritto/a dal 29 apr 2021

Under 35

visualizzazioni: 227


Descrizione Opera / Biografia

From when we are separated from our mother’s body, we constantly enter into relationships with others. We affect and are affected by all that surrounds us in interacting. Any internal changes bring transformation to relations, also the other way around. In this constant circulation, every being evolves perpetually within the connection. I depict the impalpable form of the relationship through bodily gestures. The body is a medium of encounters with others. On the other side, it does not cease as an ever-changing form of relationship.
The Yoga series is inspired by yoga postures, an ensemble of spiritual and bodily practices, and external and internal performance. Within this performance, I look for the possibility of appropriating the flexibility and the tension when we entered into relation. The work is constituted by the symbol of everyday objects and organic material. Every component works as an organ, beyond a material, and interacts with each other. The work continuously is in the subtle transformation and determined its shape itself. It provides the site where one can visually experience the fluid movements of relations with its interaction process.