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 | Le Rugissant

Le Rugissant
acrylic, paper
34 x 48 cm

Alexandre Schuck

nato/a a
residenza di lavoro/studio: Berlin, GERMANY

iscritto/a dal 30 apr 2021

Under 35

visualizzazioni: 248


Descrizione Opera / Biografia

Artwork description:
”Le Rugissant”, in english ”the roaring” is a tiger whose jaw is beeing spiked by a high heel, roaring his pain and his anger. The high heel is also the hidden trunk of an elephant, whose ears are discoverable, and whose trunk retakes its initial shape.
Along the painting, you will also discover a butterfly, and a few erotic shapes.
Alexandre Schuck was born 1987 in France and he grew up in a franco-german family. Very soon, he discovered the passion for drawing and was dedicated to his art. Fascinated by animals, but also by humans, he drew them with pencil, expressive and precise, during his entire childhood.
After school leaving examination, he studied languages and travelled a lot. During this period he was still drawing portraits and caricatures, to offer them to people who were close to him.
By now he lives in Berlin, and discovered a new way to express himself with the pencil, that is to say in a surrealistic way, and added colours to that. The content is about forms of nature – humans and animals – repeating themselves. Lively, not ordinary, striking and a bit provocative, with subjects like erotic, aggressivity, passion, and pain, that are beeing foregrounded.
He had his first exhibition in January 2020, « I love you anyway », together with the canadian Paintress Ingrid McMillan, at //Galerie 102 in Berlin. For this exhibition, a newspaper article has been published by Ingeborg Ruthe in The Berliner Zeitung, under the title « Seeing what the eyes will allow », his statement. Alexandre had his second exhibition in October 2020, the ”Digital Art Exhibition with Modern Contemporary Art” at the Produzentengalerie in Berlin. He then had three exhibitions from March to May 2021 at The Holy Art gallery in London, ”Genesis”, ”The Dreamers” and ”Oblivion”. He recently had an exhibition in the streets of New York City, called the ”NYC ArtWalk”, in May 2021.