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 | Signal VII

Signal VII
pittura-painting, olio e acrilico su tela-oil and acrylic on canvas
180x150 cm

Tomas Tichy

nato/a a Prague
residenza di lavoro/studio: Prague, CZECHREPUBLIC

iscritto/a dal 08 mag 2020


visualizzazioni: 329


Descrizione Opera / Biografia

I am very intrigued by the connection between abstract form and figurative art – or more precisely, I am interested in people and the environments they create. I used different methods when creating the various parts of the painting. I often work with changes of texture within one area of colour: when viewed from certain angles, the brushstrokes create the feeling of digital noise, breaking up the image. This element is impossible to capture in a photo.
Tomáš Tichý
2005 – 2011
The Academy of Fine Arts, Prague, Czech Rep.
Koninklijke Academie voor Schone Kunsten, Antwerpen, Belgium
2001 – 2005
Secondary School of Applied Art, Studio of Painting, Prague, Czech Rep.
Solo Exhibitions (selection):
Echo, Krystal Gallery, Havířov, CZ
Monoscope, Peron Gallery, Prague
In Private (with Kateřina Čápová), HYB4, Prague
Instantlife (with Ondrej Oliva), Kotelna Gallery, Prague
About a Digital Dream, Crag Gallery, Torino
Waves, Museum of Modern Arts in Náchod
Signal 2.0 - Verbindungsburo des Freistaates Sachsen in Prague
(The Embassy of Saxony)
After Rembrandt, The National Gallery in Prague
Fortress, The Chemistry gallery, Prague
Pentimenti, Peron Gallery, Prague
(an)organic codes (with Ondřej Oliva), The Kotelna Gallery, Prague
The Artificial Paradises, The Chemistry Gallery / BADOKH, Prague
Projection, Salon Vaňkovka, Brno
After the Supper, Prague House, Brussels
Mein Blick auf die Dinge, Salve Art Gallery, Leipzig
The Theatre,The Chemistry gallery, Prague
On the Road - Verbindungsburo des Freistaates Sachsen in Prague
(The Embassy of Saxony)
All my Tiny Little Things - Primavesi Gallery, Olomouc
Tomáš Tichý - paintings and Ondřej Oliva - sculptures, the Museum of Minsk
(Exhibition organised by the Czech Embassy)
Group exhibition (selection):
Rembrandt: Portrait of a Man, The National Gallery in Prague, Kinsky Pallace (postponed due to Covid 19)
Inside Rembrandt, Wallraf – Richarts Museum, Cologne
PragArtworks –Velvet Edition, Prague
Can´t stop kissing you, The Chemistry Gallery, Prague
PragArtworks - group exhibition, Prague – catalog
Wells Art Contemporary, Wells, Bishop´s Pallace, Somerset
Dancing people are never wrong, The Chemistry Gallery, Praha
The Columbia Threadneedle Prize, Mall Galleries, London
Passion, The Chemistry Gallery, Prague
Office Art, PragArtworks, Prague
The Art of Making Catastrophe, Zoya Museum, Bratislava
The Story of (To)Day, Museum of Modern Arts, Hradec Kralove
Misteriosa, Crag Gallery, Torino
Look at me, Areacreativa42, Torino
The Columbia Threadneedle Prize Exhibition (July), Firenze
Narcius, Crag Gallery, Torino
Opening, Crag Gallery, Torino
UAMO Festival, Munchen, Germany, The Chemistry Gallery, Munich
Forum Junge Kunst | Bayern – Tschechien, Pilsen
Temporary Contemporary, Lobkowicz Pallace, Prague Castle, Prague
Art Prize CBM – Finalist Exhibition – Torino, Prague, London
Forum Junge Kunst | Bayern – Tschechien,Schönsee – Regensburgu
The Thereadneedle Prize, Mall Galleries, London
Celeste Prize exhibition, Rome
„7“, Trafo Gallery, Prague
Leinwand, Salve Art Gallery, Leipzig
No Show! K4 Gallery Prague, Emil Fila Gallery – Ustí nad Labem
„363“ – Peron Gallery, Prague
5/9 - Trafo Gallery, Prague
Caleidoscope, Kotelna Gallery - Prague
The Best of Graduates - The Chemistry Gallery, Prague
Biannual for Diaconia III, Prague
Paintings - Orco Gallery, Prague
Paintings - Czech National Bank, Prague
Studio 363, Orco Gallery, Prague
Graduates from the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague, Karlin Hall, Prague
Chance Project, Vltavin Gallery, Prague
ARScontact - Confrontation - finalist - Prague, Brno
2013 Participation at the international symposium Ars for Art /SK/
Participation at Artfairs:
2019 ArtPrague, Peron Gallery
2018 ArtPrague, Peron Gallery
2017 ArtPrague, Peron Gallery
2016 Art Verona, Crag Gallery
2016 Art Zurich, Crag Gallery
2016 Art Prague, The Chemistry Gallery
2015 Art Coppenhagen, Vimm Gallery
2015 Art Prague, Peron Gallery
2014 Art Prague, Peron Gallery
2012 Art Prague, The Chemistry Gallery
2010 Artyčok Art Fair, Meet Factory, Praha