OPERA IN CONCORSO | Sezione Scultura/Installazione

 | Portal

installation, metal, electronic, plastic.
95cm. x 25cm.


nato/a a Lithuania
residenza di lavoro/studio: Kaunas, LITHUANIA

iscritto/a dal 28 apr 2020

Under 35


visualizzazioni: 571


Descrizione Opera / Biografia

“Portal” (an entrance) is an interactive piece for moments when you want to disappear in the routine of everyday life, when you want to experience something new and unexpected, learn something, discover different images, engage in unusual conversations… It is a symbolic circle inspiring imagination for new sensations, experiences, transformations. A small opportunity to find yourself where you have not yet been with a little help of imagination! Full freedom for viewer’s interpretations.
“Portal” was created using around 2000 pieces of small particles that resemble needles in their form. Each of them is like a new opportunity, a new discovery, a choice. Don’t be afraid of change! Open yourself new! Go where you haven’t been yet!
The piece is interactive, if the viewer comes closer and waves with their hand or foot inside the circle, the light and the sound emerge.
Kristina Paulauskaitė- Ramonaitienė is a contemporary Lithuanian ceramicist highly driven by an experimentation. The artist focusing on playful merging of different techniques as the way of finding a broader artistic expression. Paulauskaitė- Ramonaitienė is born in Lithuania, Skuodas in 1988, studied at Kaunas College Justinas Vienožinkis Art Faculty (Ceramics, 2010) and Lithuanian University of Educational Sciences (BA Art Teacher, 2011) has been a member of the Lithuanian Artists’ Association since 2016.
Paulauskaitė - Ramonaitienė has exhibited her work in numerous local and international shows over the last decade.
A presentation of Kristina Paulauskaitė- Ramonaitienė’s work might be found on hhtp://www.pukmuse.lt/