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 | Analytical Poem

Analytical Poem
pittura-painting, acrilico su tela-acrylic on canvas
130 x 200 cm

Mirjam Hinn

nato/a a Tartu, Estonia
residenza di lavoro/studio: Tartu, ESTONIA

iscritto/a dal 12 mag 2020

Under 35


visualizzazioni: 950


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Descrizione Opera / Biografia

Mirjam Hinn (born 1990) is an Estonian artist. She lives and works in Tartu, Estonia. She graduated from the Tartu Art College with a Bachelor’s degree in painting in 2014 and the Faculty of Philosophy of the University of Tartu with a Master’s degree in painting in 2018. Her works have been presented in several solo and group exhibitions. She was awarded the AkzoNobel Art Prize in 2018 and Young Tartu in 2019. Her work is placed in several private collections and in Tartu Art Museum collection.
Hinn’s latest work focuses on intense states of mind and on their role in being human. By dismantling extreme experience, both positive and negative, into their constituent elements, the ”Analytical Poem” seeks the common base structures that characterize all the exhilarating experiences that Hinn has captured into the dazzling color gamut of her abstract painting. Key themes in her latest projects have evolved from fascination with the phenomenon of synaesthesia, the idea of blended senses. Hinn is interested in investigating how it is possible to visualise experiences on canvases. By deconstructing the painting medium to its primary parts; a brush stroke, colour mottle, line, spike, etc., she presents to the viewers the distinct perspective of inward human experiences. Hinn frequently uses brush strokes and shapes with torn edges as a central motif in the visual language of her dynamic abstract paintings.