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 | Diarios de encierro

Diarios de encierro
collage photography. digital print, paper
40 x 28 cm


nato/a a Madrid (España)
residenza di lavoro/studio: Querétaro, MEXICO

iscritto/a dal 22 apr 2020


visualizzazioni: 307


Descrizione Opera / Biografia

”Confinement diaries” appears in March and April 2020 with all the contingency. Very hard days where balconies, windows and neighborhoods have come to life and have been protagonists. Where the windows became eyes, nose and mouth through to breathe and live.
Laura Romero, Madrid (Spain) 1976. Bachelor in Fine Arts, Design. Laura is a multidisciplinary artist who works painting, photography, art book, installation, and sculpture. Her international participation has been outstanding, appearing in art fairs from Hamburg to Istanbul and Paris for mentioning a couple. Both her individual and her collective work have been exhibited around the world.
“I consider my work to be quite intimate. Under the scope of my own experiences, I elaborate a story about everyday life, I expose situations we all face day to day. My intention is to bait the audience into taking a second, closer, look; it is an invitation to reflect on everything that goes by in our journey unnoticed.”