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 | The flat story of a decaffeinated artist

The flat story of a decaffeinated artist
tecnica mista,
60 x 70 cm

Jerusa Simone

nato/a a Portugal
residenza di lavoro/studio: Rome, ITALIA

iscritto/a dal 24 apr 2020

Under 35


visualizzazioni: 351


Descrizione Opera / Biografia

The flat story of a decaffeinated artist is a 70x60 cm mixed media painting inspired by past events that impacted my journey as an artist. Hovering between an analysis of the human condition and metaphysical contemplation, this piece comes together through a strong composition that at first can appear chaotic needing perhaps a more profound attention in order to understand the intrinsic and pre-established connection between the represented elements. The selection of images and symbols represented were chosen carefully to make the viewer perceive situations and objects that belong to the common daily basis and through this approach create empathy with the painting.