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 | Another Rooftop Sunset

Another Rooftop Sunset
digitally manipulated image from original small b&w sketch, on paper
122cm x 122cm

Ira Upin

nato/a a Chicago, IL
residenza di lavoro/studio: Philadelphia, PA, UNITEDSTATES

iscritto/a dal 24 apr 2020


visualizzazioni: 293


Descrizione Opera / Biografia

For these works I have been taking small (4”x 5” and smaller) B&W sketches that I did years ago and manipulating them in photoshop. I don’t really know how to use photoshop in the traditional sense. I just sort of “crank the dials”, let it rip, and see what happens. I use whatever effects I can figure out how to use, dial in the intensity, decide if I like how it looks, and move on to the next effect. Sometimes I’ll stop along the way and hit save or just continue to distort and alter the image. I usually can’t duplicate the adjustments I’ve made because I am not documenting the changes or doing them in any systematic fashion. My usual work is making hyper-realistic narrative paintings (as seen in my application in the Painting section) that involve specific points of planning, starting, and finishing. This digital process has been very liberating because of it’s lack of boundaries or limitations. In any event I’m enjoying this process.