Premio Combat Prize

Julia Marco - Premio Combat Prize

OPERA IN CONCORSO | Sezione Grafica

 | The Impossible Encounter

The Impossible Encounter
woodcut and lithograph, paper
76 x 56 cm

Julia Marco

nato/a a Valencia, Spain
residenza di lavoro/studio: London, UNITEDKINGDOM

iscritto/a dal 06 apr 2017

Under 35

visualizzazioni: 745


Altre opere

 | Ray and Stone #3 #2 #4 and #6

Ray and Stone #3 #2 #4 and #6
indian ink and pencils, paper
13 x 20 cm each

 | Landmass

installation, wall

 | Landmass (detail)

Landmass (detail)
installation, wall

Descrizione Opera / Biografia

My practice revolves around the ideas of containing and continuity, and the abstract relationship between presentation and representation. The axis of my investigation is the idea that the paper is not a fixed surface but rather a versatile space for action. My prints invoke floating objects, demarcated areas, guiding lines and intimate maps that, in fact, suggests the uncertainty of matter and image.
I am interested in automatism, and the meditative mindset that abstraction has to offer. The balance of power between the moving objects and the space, their disintegration, connexions, weight and strength across the surface guides the viewer eye and mind.