Premio Combat Prize

Ilse Van Roy - Premio Combat Prize

OPERA IN CONCORSO | Sezione Scultura/Installazione

 | La Force du noir

La Force du noir
blown glass & photography, //
blown glass: dia 50cm/h 60cm - photo:40/30cm

Ilse Van Roy

nato/a a Leuven, Belgium
residenza di lavoro/studio: Tielt-Winge, BELGIUM

iscritto/a dal 22 gen 2017

visualizzazioni: 1397


Altre opere

 | L’Histoire d’or. 2017

L’Histoire d’or. 2017
blown glass and gold layer, //
dia 55cm / l 85cm

 | Object Fin. 2013

Object Fin. 2013
blown glass, photography, wooden stamp
glass; dia 50cm - photo; 40/30cm

 | Vanitas Still Life. 2016

Vanitas Still Life. 2016
screenrpint - black ink, //
100 x 70cm

Descrizione Opera / Biografia

Ilse VAN ROY (more info)
“Ilse Van Roy (1978) has headed the glass studio at the MAD Faculty in Hasselt since 2007, guiding Bachelor and Master fine art students in the use of glass in their artistic oeuvre. By making room for fundamental research, developing crossover projects with other artistic disciplines and setting up international joint ventures, she has helped add depth to this academic course. This is also expressed in her artistic practice; in Flanders she has become one of the leading artists to have used the medium of glass in a contemporary manner and has contributed to its liberation from its traditional craft approach. In so doing, she seeks out the limits of the material and regularly combines it with other media such as photography and video, using them to create space-filling installations.
In 2013 she worked as co-curator together with the artistic director of the GlazenHuis Jeroen Maes and artist Frederic Geurts on the inspiring exhibition YOUNG MASTERS. In a freelance capacity, Ilse Van Roy helped organise the 2 first editions (2012/2015) of the International Glass prize.
Description of Jury presentation International Glassprize 2015
At this time (2017)
Independent artist and docent glass-studio, dpt. Arts and Architecture, Contemporary Fine arts, Hasselt
Freelance assignment; co- curator of the ” International Glassprize ’18’ (third edition), Jury of the selection commission,
in collaboration with Jeroen Maes (artistic director of GlazenHuis / assignment of Ch.Van der Seijs foundation.
Did we not learn that black and dark stand for evil and death, just like white and light for the good and life? A simple moral for those who are anxiously walking past a graveyard at night. But does not life rise out of death, and not death out of life? Do we not see the stars through the darkness of the night? Everyone lives with the reality of these extremes. Beautiful and ugly in everyone’s heart, always in pursuit of that fragile balance that never really balances perfectly in the middle. Black is never completely dark and closed, it wavers and opens to the light. The light reflects on its glassy contours and makes it brittle.
A dark sphere opening to the sky like a flower, just before falling.
Black as a force attracting the good. Into the light a gravehouse is then displayed again as an altar of life, proudly under the sky. Robust, stony, incorruptible..., forever. Ready to forever remind us that we should not run away anxiously. We can stand still, have a look, relax, because nothing is forever, nothing is good or bad, nothing is unbearably ugly or divinely attractive.
It is both. Black is light.