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OPERA IN CONCORSO  Sezione Pittura

Lesa Weller | Evolving
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oil and texture, canvas
48.000 x 24.000 x 2.000 inches

Lesa Weller

nato/a a Oceanside California USA

residenza di lavoro/studio: Lawrence (UNITEDSTATES)

iscritto/a dal 01 gen 2015


Altre opere

Lesa Weller | Nelson

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ink, pastel, marker, black pastel drawing paper
9”x 12”

Lesa Weller | Breathe II

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Breathe II
ink, bristol drawing paper
9” x 12”

Lesa Weller | New Beginnings

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New Beginnings
ink, bristol drawing paper
11”x 14”

Descrizione Opera / Biografia

Artwork Description: We evolve in perpetuity, unceasing, never ending to become more capable and peaceful. We enter a phase of kindness, respect and love. Relationships stabilize as our acceptance of self grows. Becoming again and again.
Artist Bio: Colorful and arresting art is created by different personalities who share Lesa Weller’s mind. As she learns, grows, changes and finds courage through her art, the “others” influence and guide each movement, each stroke, and every imagining that accumulates into her life’s work.
When Lesa was 44 years old, the amnesia she experiences since childhood finally made sense in a horrifying way. Today, through her art, she knows wellness and peace. Lesa’s art encourages others to find acceptance and solace inside of themselves.
Weller creates with media which help her realize the color saturations and moods she wishes to explore. Each personality has their own favorite way of capturing feelings, thoughts and experiences. She works in markers, pencils, ink, pastels, watercolor, oils and crayons.
Lesa’s work is seen world-wide through her two website pages and locally in Lawrence Kansas art displays and galleries. Collectors are drawn to her artwork because of the variety and variations in styles, the emotion and color they each possess and the frankness with which she describes them.