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OPERA IN CONCORSO  Sezione Pittura

erpe | made in korea-seoul-2
vedi ad alta risoluzione

made in korea-seoul-2
mixed media, canvas


nato/a a Bruck A.d.Mur

residenza di lavoro/studio: Wien (AUSTRIA)

iscritto/a dal 18 mar 2015


Altre opere

erpe | Made-in-Japan-Kyoto III

vedi ad alta risoluzione

Made-in-Japan-Kyoto III
mixed media, canvas

erpe | made in japan - kyoto-2

vedi ad alta risoluzione

made in japan - kyoto-2
mixed media, canvas

erpe | made in korea-seoul-1

vedi ad alta risoluzione

made in korea-seoul-1
mixed media, canvas

Descrizione Opera / Biografia

Erpe started the TERRAIN-cycle with a sort of prints - frottage - from inscriptions and other elevated shapes in the streets of Asia, and went on with prints made in all countries erpe visited. She used only papers made in these countries. As a collage on canvas these prints were the first layer for mixed media artworks. The paintings show both the clear prints of inscriptions and emblems of the visited towns, streets and roads and elements of landscapes of the famous Asian gardens.
Renate Polzer – erpe- paintings, etchings and sculptures
finished her studies in Graz (A), Salzburg (A) and Trier (Ger)-
personal and collective exhibitions in galleries and cultural centres
in Austria, Germany, Croatia, Slovenia, Tchechia, Italy, France,
Poland, Spain, Korea, Japan, in Cuba and the Seychelles
since 1980 private studio and participation to yearly
Art Symposions worldwide
2002 art award with Catalogue for Austrian grafics
artwork in official and private collections and in public space and
collections of european towns and governments