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OPERA IN CONCORSO  Sezione Pittura

Dominique Ampe | Once there was a Cloud that could speak.
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Once there was a Cloud that could speak.
mixed media / acryl, schoellershammer
73 x 102 cm.

Dominique Ampe

nato/a a Uccle

residenza di lavoro/studio: Breda (NETHERLANDS)

iscritto/a dal 12 feb 2015

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Dominique Ampe | Measurements of a cloud.

vedi ad alta risoluzione

Measurements of a cloud.
mixed media / acryl, schoellershammer
73 x 102 cm.

Descrizione Opera / Biografia

In my images I combine anachronistic elements (elements that do not belong in
the image in question, see René Magritte) or elements which are incompatible.
In their succession these elements do not lead to a solution, at it is this
ideological moment which is the essence of the work.
I have a passionate relationship with the act of painting : for me it is about
attraction as well as repulsion and has many defficult moments.
Painting is an intangible medium : it does not allow one to take control. It does,
however, enable one to visualize a world which is private, closed off. A painting
is not a stationary image : it is a presence. That is why my painting is a source of
light in the meaning of my own shadow.
The paintings with the ‘Wall and ladder’, ‘Table and cloud’and ‘Chait and table’
are key works, as they are all about playing with our expectations as to what a
painting might be.
. Kerk Aerdt (Het Gelders Eiland), Rijnwaarden (NL)
. Galerie Duine-Rhee (Galerie De Ploegh) Poëzie visueel gelezen, Giethoorn (NL)
. 21 ste Internationale Kunstbeurs Huntenkunst, Dru Fabriek (Galerie Van Nuland)
SSP Hal, Ulft (NL)
. 11 de Realisme Beurs voor Hedendaagse Figuratie (Galerie De Ploegh)
Passenger Terminal, Amsterdam (NL)
. Galerie Indigo (Mythe en magie) Damme (BE)
. Museum Singer Laren, Van den Brink Galerie (Vacantie herinneringen), Laren (NL)
. Museum André Demedts Huis (overzicht 2013) Sint Baafs Vijve (BE)
. 8 ste International Arte, Art Prize (selectie) Laguna, Venice (I)
. 5 de Ginneken Kunstroute, Zaal Vianden, Breda (NL)
. Galerie Van Nuland (Woord en Beeld in dialoog), Breda (NL)
. Galerie De Laro, Meerle (BE)
. 14 de International Watercolour Biennal, Château de Bourgogne, Estaimbourg (BE)
. 1 ste Kunst in Depot Deluxe, Sint-Bernardusabdij, Hemiksen-Antwerpen (BE)
. 3 de Art-Gent, Belgian Art (Galerie Van Nuland) Flanders Expo, Gent (BE)

Dominique DMBA Ampe
Haagdijk 144
NL 4811 TW Breda
Tel: 076 5144212