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OPERA IN CONCORSO  Sezione Pittura

Bärbel Ricklefs-Bahr | Monolith
vedi ad alta risoluzione

mixed media on canvas, canvas

Bärbel Ricklefs-Bahr

nato/a a Bremerhaven

residenza di lavoro/studio: Schiffdorf (GERMANY)

iscritto/a dal 07 feb 2015


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Bärbel Ricklefs-Bahr | high tide

vedi ad alta risoluzione

high tide
mixed media, canvas

Bärbel Ricklefs-Bahr | harara

vedi ad alta risoluzione

mixed media, canvas

Descrizione Opera / Biografia

VITABorn in 1956 in Bremerhaven- Graduate social worker.- Restored traditional sailing ships, it lived and sailed- 1987-2000 lived in Portugal in the Algarve- 2000 Move to Germany- 2005 freelance artist / painting-2006 Founding of the studio N ° 17 in vessel village. Time and drawing school for children and adultsMy work:I am at my pictures similar. By order and removal of many more transparent layers of color, through collages and working with sands me the resulting picture tells the way. I am not bind to circumstances which arise in doing my pictures. I look for inspiration in nature. The decomposition, decay, destruction and variabilities I try in my paintings material designed to hold. Nature is my perfect model.By ten years living, working and sailing on our schooner I’m grown and continue to be impressed by the sea. The length of the horizon, the tidal levels, the Waves and especially the color change of the sea and sky are reflected in many ways in my pictures again.Less and less I give my paintings titles. The viewer should have the ability to produce an unbiased his personal connection to the image.„ I approach the picture directly,And each time it ends up with the material confronting me,And I often let it do as it wishes,As I have discovered that this is wiser than any calculation.Craft, technique and excitement are the same thing.Colours attract forms, signs demand colours-And if I allow myself to be carried along,The prize is my picture.” (Emil Schumacher 1975)