Premio Combat Prize

Saya Behnam - Premio Combat Prize

OPERA IN CONCORSO | Sezione Pittura

 | Forgetting to remember

Forgetting to remember
medium: saffron spice and natural colors, ink, paper
w: 41 inches x h: 29 inches

Saya Behnam

nato/a a Iran
residenza di lavoro/studio: Leesburg, UNITEDSTATES

iscritto/a dal 18 mar 2018

visualizzazioni: 119


Altre opere

 | Encounter with my refelection

Encounter with my refelection
saffron spice, hibiscus tea, natural colors, pure cotton
w: 60 in x h: 40 in x d: 2 in

 | Saffron reflection

Saffron reflection
saffron spice, indigo, pomegranate husk, paper
w: 41 inches x h: 29 inches

 | Borage 4

Borage 4
borage tea and ink and gold leaf, paper
w: 30 in x h: 22 in

Descrizione Opera / Biografia

I paint entirely with colors extracted from plants, flowers, spices, as well as stones and minerals found in nature. The full range of colors that you find in each series come only from the dried or fresh petals of flowers and plants.
The harmony of colors I find in even one flower is unbelievable. This is a true co-creation with nature.
Like any other living thing, flowers produce different colors in different weather, soil and location. Extracting these colors is what makes each work of art unique. Since they are specific to the moment, time and location they were created, each can never be replicated.
Each is a pure record of the moment of creation.
In my Installation and 3D work, I draw upon the ephemeral and eternal aspects of flowers. Witnessing their short life brought me to the precious understanding of the value of each moment of now.
My breath is like a wind in nature and these natural materials go wherever they want. My canvas becomes the receiver of my breath of life, capturing its essences in a gentle spray of color and form. As I breathe I am in a Now in complete communion with nature. The live force of my being…it’s all alive NOW. As I create, my very breath is my hand.
Throughout my work one will find Repetitions of “I am here” or “being” affirm my declaration of life as the moments of creation move into time.
I incorporate live, dried, as well as the ashes of blooms, all at the same time. In doing so, I am creating multiple universes. I am bending time, where all stages of a flower’s life are free to co-exist with one another. These grey ashes were once vibrant with the same life as the fresh blooms, sending off their delicate scents and beauty out onto to the cosmos; and in that moment, they were a fragile, fleeting companion to all of existence. Through my art each particle of ash is once again re-united with a living bloom of what it once was. All are alive in the now.