Premio Combat Prize

Gregory Antipov - Premio Combat Prize

OPERA IN CONCORSO | Sezione Scultura/Installazione

 | Equilibrium - 2 (The Anthropocene)

Equilibrium - 2 (The Anthropocene)
installation, wood, acrilic, plastic
l 68 w 68 h 36

Gregory Antipov

nato/a a Moscow, Russia
residenza di lavoro/studio: Moscow, RUSSIA

iscritto/a dal 11 mar 2018

Under 35


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Descrizione Opera / Biografia

Equilibrium - 2 (The Anthropocene)
Aggression (sometimes you call it: self-destructiveness), Happiness (if not craziness), Calmness (which is often the other face of indifference) and Melancholy (the daughter of Boredom) – these are names of the 4 mammoths (they can not be elephants taking into consideration how ancient they must be!) which carry our Earth. Where are they going? What would happen if one of them become ”too” independent? How long…..?
Grigoriy Antipov- was born in 1999, June 1 in Moscow, Russia
CV (short)
2011-2016 - Student of the sculpture faculty of the Art Lyceum named after Tomsky of the Moscow State Academic Art Institute named after Surikov, Moscow
Since 2016 – Student of faculty of sculpture Russian Academy of Fine Art, Sculpture and Architecture named after Ilya Glazunov, Moscow, Russia
- Creative Union of Professional Artist, Russia
56 Exhibitions (2005-2017), some of them are:
2017, December Participant of the sculpture exhibition of V International Musical Festival “Winer Reise”, Skryabin Museum, Moscow, Russia
2017, October 6-15 Participant of the XI Florence Biennale “Earth – Creativita e Sostenibilita” Fortessa da Basso, Florence, Italy
Biennale website
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Photo gallery:
2017, June 8-11 Participant of the World Fine Art Fesrival VERA, Manezh, Moscow, Russia
2017, April Participant of the exhibition ArtVesna (ArtSpring) at the Central House of Artists, Moscow
2015, March Participant of Moscow International Art Salon “People and the World” at the Central House of Artists, Moscow, Russia
Sculptures (bronze) “Winter” and “Triton teasing Tersan”
2014, 20 Sept Bronze medal of Premio AccademicoInternazionale di Poesia e Arte Contemporanea “Apollo Dionisiaco”
2013, 25 Oct – 15 Nov Third Personal Exhibition at the Central Library named after Dobrolyubov, Moscow
2013, 16-31 Jan. Participant of the exhibition “Synergy”, gallery “Na Novinskom”, Moscow, Russia
2012, 8-23 August Participant of the VI International Sculpture Symposium “Finno-Ugric Land. Tree.” in Syktyvkar, KOMI Republic, Russia. Art object “Tree of Happiness”
2011, 4-21 August Participant of the V International Sculpture Symposium “Finno-Ugric Land. Ancestor’s memory” in Syktyvkar, KOMI Republic, Russia.