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Emanuele Garletti in arte Ernesto Galore - Premio Combat Prize

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 | Diana cacciatrice

Diana cacciatrice
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Emanuele Garletti in arte Ernesto Galore

nato/a a Brescia
residenza di lavoro/studio: Brescia, ITALIA

iscritto/a dal 14 dic 2017

visualizzazioni: 990


Descrizione Opera / Biografia

I am Emanuele Garletti, stage name Ernesto Galore, I have always been keen on drawing and graphics, since when I was very young as I was spending my time staining and painting my classmates’ diaries and the walls of my room.
The instinctive style is the one which is totally complying with my lifestyle, as it is gratifying my needs, my feelings and moods.
I am very fond of the Expressionist art with all those violent and unnatural colours, its broken and stiff lines and strokes.
It is reflecting me completely and I love the way it is breaking the rules, so instinctively, without any perspective.