Premio Combat Prize

Edson Luli - Premio Combat Prize

OPERA IN CONCORSO | Sezione Scultura/Installazione

 | The Map is not the Territory, 2018

The Map is not the Territory, 2018
installation, led fans, uv print on glass, wood structure, power supply
50 x 18 x 26.5 cm

Edson Luli

nato/a a Shkoder, Albania
residenza di lavoro/studio: Milano, ITALIA

iscritto/a dal 03 mag 2018

Under 35

visualizzazioni: 235


Altre opere

 | A Change of Meaning is a Change of Being, 2018

A Change of Meaning is a Change of Being, 2018
installation, led fans, pvc tubes, wood structure, power supply
50 x 50 x 160 cm

 | Do We Need This?, 2017

Do We Need This?, 2017
installation, proiettore, decoder digitale per tv, plexiglass intagliato, struttura di legno e metallo
variable dimensions

 | The Illusory Absence of the Artwork, 2016

The Illusory Absence of the Artwork, 2016
print, ink on paper
29.7 x 21 cm

Descrizione Opera / Biografia

The map that is part of the installation is the most accurate map that we have designed representing the size and proportions of the world very accurately. The other part of the installation made by three LED fans says that ’the map is not the territory’.
The map is not the territory metaphorically illustrates the differences between belief and reality, how words are not the things they represent. Our perception of the world is being generated by our brain and can be considered as a ’map’ of reality written in neural patterns. Reality exists outside our mind but we can construct models of this ’territory’ based on what we glimpse through our senses. As long as we can remain in contact with this truth, we can avoid conflict with reality.
If we change what we believe about an object, that is a change in the pattern of neurons in our brain. The real object will not change because of this edit. Granted we could act on the world to bring about changes to it but we can’t do that by simply believing it to be a different way. The strategy that normally gives most control over reality is one where the ’map’ is aligned to match the ’territory’ as closely as possible. This way we can create accurate models and predict what will happen as a consequence of our actions.
The analogy encourages us to look from a frame of reference other than from the inside outward and hopefully realize that not only do we cause things to happen, and things cause other things to happen, but also things have caused us to be the way we are.
Edson Luli was born in Shkoder (Albania) in 1989, lives and works in Milan.
Luli’s work is a continuous investigation about the existence of the being and its relation to the environment, especially man made. The way we behave within the spaces of everyday life can be thought as the essence of our presence in the world. But what happens when we start observing it? The role of the artist, for Luli, is the one of the activator of perception, floating between philosophical, psychoanalytical, scientific methods of observation. By offering to the audience a participative type of gaze, he proposes, through his practice, the contingency of the geography of the real and the virtual self.
Luli is graduated in New Technologies of Art (BA), and in Cinema and Video (MA) at Brera Academy of Fine Arts, Milan.
Selected exhibitions: ”This Exhibition Will Have a Title Soon” (solo show), Prometeogallery di Ida Pisani, Milano, 2017; ”Watch the Line While Crossing”, Prometeogallery di Ida Pisani, Lucca, 2017; ”Mediterranea 18 Young Artists Biennale”, Tirana and Durres, 2017; ”Media Art Festival”, MAXXI Museum, Rome, 2017; ”22nd International Onufri Prize”, National Art Gallery, Tirana, 2016; ”Tirana Film Festival”, Tirana, 2016; ”Hotel Europa”, Concordia, Exhibition Space Langestraat 56, Netherlands, 2016; ”Talking About, MM XI”, National Gallery of Kosovo, Prishtine, 2016; ”Milano Film Festival”, Milan, 2015; VideoZero, Brera Academy of Fine Arts, 2015; Future Identities, Laura Haber Gallery, Buenos Aires, 2015; The rhythm of art lies somewhere in between, Bienal del Fin del Mundo IV, Chile, 2015,”PaMur”, Visual Arts Festival, Tirana, 2014