Premio Combat Prize

annette merrild - Premio Combat Prize

OPERA IN CONCORSO | Sezione Pittura

 | Moments #30

Moments #30
oil, varnish and acrylic, canvas
195x145 cm

annette merrild

nato/a a Herning - Denmark
residenza di lavoro/studio: Barcelona, SPAIN

iscritto/a dal 28 feb 2018 &

visualizzazioni: 247


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Descrizione Opera / Biografia

Annette Merrild (DK), 45

Annette Merrild's abstract painting series entitled “Moments” explores
the division between feminine and masculine art, and how genderbiased
visual perception shapes the image of the artist. A large-scale
painter, Merrild draws her inspiration from the dialogue between the
artist’s know-how and control over the artistic process and the random
chemical reactions between the different raw materials that she uses.
The acrylics, oils, varnishes and wood stains react with each other,
setting in motion a self-creation process. The timeframe for painting
each ’moment’ varies, as it can be defined by this very dialogue, not
only by the artist. Some are created in a short time and others may
take years to finish, depending on the result of this dialogue.
Her artistic intent is not to represent an accurate depiction of a visual
reality, but instead to use forms, colours and flamboyant gestural brush
strokes to allude to the viewer's biased, preconceived notion of gender.
The large scale, the sombre colours and the rough textures used are an
abstract allegory for manliness. However, it was not a man who created
the painting, but a woman challenging the traditional role of femininity
in art.
Annette Merrild has been painting for most of her life, becoming a
mother whilst working intensively on her artistic career in a mainly
male-dominated art world.


Annette Merrild 21.02.1972, Born in Herning / Denmark
Completing as Honor Student at the Academy of Fine Arts in Hamburg / Germany, under Prof
Franz E. Walter
M.F.A., Academy of Fine Arts in Hamburg / Germany, under Prof B.J. Blume and Prof W. Büttner
Woodcarving at Akamba Handcraft Industry in Mombasa / Kenia
School of Visual Arts in Copenhagen / Denmark
Lives and works in Barcelona / Spain
2018 “Moments” Galerie Michael Schultz, Berlin
2017 “Moments”, Rosenhang Museum, Weilburg /Lahn
2016 Sculptrural Painting, Ventana Contemporary, Ibiza / Spain
2015 Self Control, Earth Gallery, Paris / France
2014 Self Control, Galerie Michael Schultz Berlin
2011 265, Galería Eva Ruiz, Madrid / Spain
2010 The Room Project, Galeria Sztuki Mediów ASP, Warsaw / Poland
The Room Project, Centrum Sztuki Wspóczesnej Laznia, Gdansk / Poland
2009 The Room Project, Centrum Kultury Zamek, Poznan / Poland
The Room Project, Istanbul Modern, Istanbul / Turkey
2007 The Room Project, Århus Kunstbygning, Århus / Denmark
The Room Project, Kunsthallen Nicolaj, Copenhagen / Denmark
2006 The Room Project, Kunsthaus Hamburg / Germany
The Room Project, Tallinn City gallery, Tallinn / Estonia
2003 Coming home, Gallery Susanne Højriss, Copenhagen / Denmark
Gallery Else Marie Jensen, Kolding / Denmark
Gallery Acht P, Bonn / Germany
2002 Gallery Jørgen Ø. Hansen, Ikast / Denmark
2001 Hollfelder Kunstausstellung, Hollfelder Kulturfreunde e. V., Hollfeld / Germany
2000 Gallery Acht P in Bonn / Germany
1999 Gallery Saselhaus in Hamburg / Germany
1996 Gallery Lochte in Hamburg / Germany
2017 International Affairs, Projektraum, Frankfurt "nAKT", Galerie Tobias Schrade, Ulm
2016 The Room Project, Casa del Mantegna in Mantua/ Italy
2013 ArsFundum, Madrid / Spain
2012 Galeria Eva Ruiz, Madrid / Spain
Xmas 12, Galleri Christofer Egelund, Copenhagen / Denmark
You are a part of me, Galerie Brigitte Schenk, Cologne / Germany
2011 Loop Barcelona, Barcelona / Spain
2010 E8 Galería, Madrid / Spain
Galeria Senda, Barcelona / Spain
ArsFundum, Madrid / Spain
2004 Exhibition in honor of Danish Crown Prince couple, Galerie Wolfsen, Aalborg / Denmark
Kunst in der Börse, Hamburg / Germany
Index, Hamburg / Germany
2003 Efterårsudstillingen, Fall-exhibition, Kunsthalle Charlottenburg, Copenhagen / Denmark
2002 Gallery Susanne Højriis, Kopenhagen / Denmark
2001 Der Kunstverein PALAIS FÜR AKTUELLE KUNST, Glückstadt / Germany
Internationale Hollfelder Kunstausstellung, Hollfelder Kulturfreunde e. V., Hollfeld /
2000 The World Festival of Art on Paper, Kranj / Slovenia
1999 Kunstnernes Hus, Århus / Denmark
Alte Villa Haar, Weimar / Germany
The State Russian Museum, St. Petersburg / Russia
1997 Poulina Rieloff Galerie, New York / USA
Icon Galerie in London / England
Icon Galerie in Beverly Hills /USA
2007 7. Internationale Foto - Triennale Esslingen am Neckar
Moment, Rosenhang Museum, Weilburg, 2017
265, Publ. Gallery Eva Ruiz, Madrid, 2012
The Room Project, Publ. Artwerk, Dortmund, 2005
Das Zimmer, Publ. Annette Merrild, Hamburg, 2003
Erinnerungen an meinen Opa, Publ. Annette Merrild, Hamburg, 2001