Premio Combat Prize

Angie Flanagan - Premio Combat Prize

OPERA IN CONCORSO | Sezione Fotografia

 | Beloved

digital photography, framed

Angie Flanagan

nato/a a California, USA
residenza di lavoro/studio: Green Bay, ITALIA

iscritto/a dal 20 apr 2018

visualizzazioni: 273


Descrizione Opera / Biografia

As a choreographer, poet and conceptual photographer, I find myself coming back again and again to searching for the perfect image to tell my stories, often through female archetypes and my pursuit of spirituality. The image I have chosen for this competition is my vision of St. Mary Magdalena as the Beloved Apostle, taking on the role of caretaker and preacher, or alternately the symbol of a woman, or any human, who creates work that comes from her heart. My photography has been shown in galleries in Wisconsin, Hawaii, California, Florida, Texas and Massachusetts.