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Vanessa White | Back of Murray’s
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Back of Murray’s
video, acrylic on canvas, stop motion

Vanessa White

nato/a a Melbourne, Australia

residenza di lavoro/studio: Melbourne (AUSTRALIA)

iscritto/a dal 26 feb 2014


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Vanessa White | Graffiti Animation

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Descrizione Opera / Biografia

Artwork description:
Created while artist and resident at Hill End, NSW, Australia, Back of Murray’s
is a multidisciplinary combination of three interweaving items: painting, animation and performance. A highly energetic work with exaggerated brush marks and mark making, it consists of three life size paintings used as a platform to create an animation. The animation and paintings are about the artist’s physical interactions with the two-dimensional world, drawn from life, her physical play and reciprocal action with it. Through the time-consuming process of stop animation and video echoes, the work fractures and multiplies temporality. The result of all this activity is work that connects with the viewers’ own expression and experience of the body in the world, giving voice and acknowledging the importance of bodily experience over layers of time.
Vanessa White is an interdisciplinary artist who has studied as a painter and animator at Sydney College of the Arts and Victoria College of the Arts, Australia. She has also pursued professional development in performance with De Quincy Co (Sydney), Born in Taxi (Melbourne) and Frank van de Vin (Bodyweather Amsterdam) and Burlesque Arts. She received an Artstart, Australia Council for the Arts grant (2012). Her collaborative performances include, FELTspace ARI, Plasticus, Adelaide (2014) The Rocks Pop-Up, Parramatta Park and Queen Street Studio, Platfom 5, BIMOB, Sydney (2012) Major solo exhibitions include FELTspace ARI, Plasticus, Adelaide (2014) Rubicon ARI, Melbourne (2013), Firstdraft Gallery, Sydney (2011) and Art & About, Sydney (2010). Video installations include Pier 2/3, Sydney Biennale Bar, (2012) and Firstdraft Depot (2011). she is also included in the Artbank collection and more recently in 2013 formed ‘Plasticus’ performance art collaboration with physical theatre director/performer Carolyn Hanna.