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OPERA IN CONCORSO  Sezione Scultura/Installazione

Teruaki Yamaguchi | Third body: Wind
vedi ad alta risoluzione

Third body: Wind
plaster cast and carving, plaster

Teruaki Yamaguchi

nato/a a Japan

residenza di lavoro/studio: Mexicali (MEXICO)

iscritto/a dal 14 feb 2014


Altre opere

Teruaki Yamaguchi | Third body: Wings

vedi ad alta risoluzione

Third body: Wings
plaster cast and carving, plaster

Teruaki Yamaguchi | Third body: Cats

vedi ad alta risoluzione

Third body: Cats
plaster cast and carving, plaster

Teruaki Yamaguchi | Third body: Jasmin

vedi ad alta risoluzione

Third body: Jasmin
plaster cast and carving, plaster

Descrizione Opera / Biografia

It is my self-portrait series with mold using my own body. The Seire represents my personality development in Mexico being Japanese.
Each piece achieves a fusion between my body and other items that represent the changes in my life. Mostly use carving gouges the ”skin” of the body of the sculpture to hurt and to transform myself. Through this process achieving propose new me, that is the ”Third Body”.
The piece ”Third body: Wind” is a representation of a connection between the nature of Mexicali and myself, where I currently reside. The Mexicali wind reaches 50 degrees in summer and burns me and leads me to the state of blank mind, the point of no conscience.

Professional Development



- 2002, Master of Art and Design in Fine Arts at the University of Tsukuba, Ibaraki province in Japan. Degree: Master of Arts.



- Winner of financial support for Artist with experience PECDA program ( Programme of Incentives for the Creation and Artistic Development of Baja California ) career as an artist with the art project " Third Body" CONACULTA .

- 2009. Honorable mention winner with the "Introspection". In the contest exhibition project, "Fourth Annual Open Art Competition, Art for All" at the Museum of Leopoldo Flores UAEM , Toluca , Stated of Mexico, Mexico .

- 2010. Support for individual items of basic work for academic work , awarded by the SEP PROMEP

- 2010. Scholarship Permanence promotion Institutional PROMEP granted by the SEP .



- From 2004 to July 31, 2005 , Fellow of CONACYT Mexico - Japan exchange . Student language in ECE UNAM ( fourth level graduate ) , Mexico city

- 2003. First place winner of the sculpture section in the "Festival of Arts of the 17th, 2003” at the Museum Tochigi, Tochigi prefecture , with the work: " Rural Women"

- 2001. First place winner in the annual exhibition of artwork at the 55th “Second Century”, at the Museum Tokyo, Japan with the play “Nakagawa Hiromi granted."



National and international art exhibitions.

- 2011. Group exhibition of contemporary ceramics workshop in the lobby of the School of Arts UABC (Universidad autónoma de Baja California).

- 2011. Parallel Group exhibition “Palalero 55-52” in the Gallery of Arts UABC Mexicali.

- 2010. Group exhibition lucky Meeting in Toluca, State of Mexico.

- 2010. International Collective Exhibition Engraving Works II, in the gallery of the Union of the UNAM , DF

- 2009. Solo exhibition Transience in the Mexico Valley University Campus Toluca, Edo . of Mexico , Mexico , with sculptures and prints.

- 2009. International competition of Grafic Art Triennial Vitola in Macedonia, involvement with engravings .

- 2009. Solo exhibition at Non Solo Pasta in Mexico DF with sculptures and prints.

- 2009. Collective Exhibition Russia than 41 recorded in the Old School in Moscow, Russia. Participation with engravings .

- 2009. Introspection Solo Exhibition at Expo - room “Arq Monroy Adolfo Cardenas “Autonomous University of Mexico State, Mexico .

- 2008. Solo exhibition “MUGA” in weaves Cultural Forum , Mexico City, Mexico . Participation with installation, sculpture and prints.

- 2008. Exhibition of Ceramics Group exhibition at the Japanese Association Mexico Mexico City, Mexico. Participation with sculptures.

- 2008. Exhibition at the Culture House in Toluca Metepec, State of Mexico, Mexico.

- 2008. First Exhibition Group exhibition engraving independence and Revolution Bicentennial Historical Museum East of Morelos, in the Esate of Morelos, Mexico . Participation with the graphic work "Hero".

- 2008. Engraving Works International Group exhibition: Unrated in the house of the proceedings in the city of Toluca, State of Mexico , Mexico . Participation with engravings.

- 2008. Group exhibition 100 years of international chart in downtown Mexico Vasco, Polanco, Mexico DF , Mexico .

- 2008. Tombola Group exhibition at the Museum of the stamp in the city of Toluca, State of Mexico, Mexico .

- 2007. Exhibition at the National Institute of Petroleum in Mexico DF Participation with the play “Dreamer " .

- 2007. Graduation Exhibition masters in visual arts UNAM Generation Expo in rooms 1, 2, 3 and Roberto Garibay at the Academy of San Carlos, involvement with sculptural works "Prayer” and " Beginning and End " .

- 2007. Exhibition at the Cultural Center of Zitácuaro, State of Michoacan. Participation with the play " Dreamer " .

- 2007. Exhibition at the Embassy of Cuba, Mexico DF , Mexico . Participation with the works “Ecstasy " , " Beginning and End " and prints.

- 2007. Collective exhibition in the gallery’s takatakas the Japanese Embassy in Mexico City, Mexico . Participation with the works "Kitten " , " Dreamer " , "Prayer " , " Beginning and End " and " Ecstasy " .

- 2004. Group exhibition Art Promenade in Utsunomiya University in Tochigi Prefecture, Japan. Participation with the play “Wig “.

- 2003. Annual exhibition of artwork of the 57th “Second Century “at the Museum Tokyo, Japan. Participation with the play " Wig " .

- 2003. Festival Art Contest 17th, 2003 at the Museum Tochigi Tochigi Prefecture , Japan. First place winner with the work: “Rural Women " .

- 2003. Group exhibition Choso-ten in Park Tower, Tokyo, Japan. Participation with the work “Woman on bicycle “.

- 2003. Exhibition of artworks of Regulation of Japan, Korea, and Taiwan ROC Communion Word Art Exhibition of 2003 in the museum of Word Sculpture in Taiwan. Participation with the play “Breathing " .

- 2003. Solo exhibition at Art Factory in Kawaguchi Kawaguchi, Saitama Prefecture, Japan.

- 2002. Exhibition at the Art Factory, Kawaguchi Art Factory in Kawaguchi, Japan. Participation in the works : " Nakagawa Hiromi sitting " , " Seated Woman " and " Giant Woman " .

- 2002. Annual exhibition of artwork at the 56th “Second Century" Tokyo, Japan, in the Tokyo Museum, Japan. With “Women’s cycling."

- 2002. Festival Art Contest 16 °, 2002, second place winner with the play " Giant Woman " in the museum Tochigi Tochigi Prefecture , Japan.

- 2002. Participation in the International Sculpture Symposium 2002 "in" Fureai no oka "Otawara , Japan. With the work: "Women's cycling."

- 2001. Annual exhibition of artwork of the 6th "Second Century" for selected, in Tokyo, Japan. First place winner with the work "Seated Woman".

- 2001. Group exhibition Choso -ten in Park tower in Tokyo, Japan. Participation with the work "Nakagawa Hiromi granted."

- 2000. Annual exhibition of artwork from 54 "Second Century", at the Museum Tokyo, Japan. Participation with the work "Rural Women".