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OPERA IN CONCORSO  Sezione Grafica

Dina Bova | Babylon - Made in Italy
vedi ad alta risoluzione

Babylon - Made in Italy
mixed media, photography and computer graphics, aluminum board

Dina Bova

nato/a a Russia

residenza di lavoro/studio: Petach Tiqwa (ISRAEL)

iscritto/a dal 17 apr 2014


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Dina Bova | The Tower of Babel - by Pieter Bruegel the Elder

vedi ad alta risoluzione

The Tower of Babel - by Pieter Bruegel the Elder
oil, panel
14x155 cm

Descrizione Opera / Biografia

Artwork: This artwork is inspired by the story of Babylon Tower depicted in Pieter Bruegel’s famous painting ”The Tower of Babel” and my recent trip to the beautiful Cinque-Terre in Italy. The looks of this unusual place reminded me the tower of Babel and inspired to build my personal modern version of the Babel tower from the houses.. The tower in my work rises up high to the sky and clouds and is in Italian style with lots of hanged laundry :) The houses in my tower are crooked in order to emphasize the instability. This was inspired by Austrian painter Egon Schiele.
Biography: I started from classic photography during my travels around the world. In my early photographs I tried to seize the moments and documenting the surrounding world. Today I’m creating my own world of subjective reality with my camera and computer. My artworks are far from classic photography and remind paintings of Renaissance period and at the same time neo-surrealism. Truthful fiction is the basis of my creative style. My artworks don’t reflect the reality as we know it; yet convey a deep and true message. I believe, a fictional work may carry sometimes more truth than documentary work, as best said in the famous phrase ”Fiction reveals truth that reality obscures”. I use allegories as a way to express my understanding of the modern world and talk about what’s really important to me today, sometimes with some sense of irony.