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OPERA IN CONCORSO  Sezione Scultura/Installazione

CRISTOBAL RIO | D.F/D.F #3 (Distrito Fédéral/ Direction France)
vedi ad alta risoluzione

D.F/D.F #3 (Distrito Fédéral/ Direction France)
audiovisual installation, mirrors & wood structure - vid
screen: 3x6 m


nato/a a MEXICO

residenza di lavoro/studio: PARIS (FRANCE)

iscritto/a dal 05 mag 2014


Descrizione Opera / Biografia

Installation description : DF/DF is a reflection of a dream world, a madeleine of Proust of a travel outside his country. Here and now is present passing time. Mexico City and Paris match by the image and the sound, show the third city, ghostly, forgotten, torn, making reference to the wall announcements of communication of Mexico City, writings on white bottom painted with hand and by using that of Paris, posters stuck in the city, who, covered punctually, become griefs. Announcements in Mexico are repainted in the infinity. The past is compose in two times.
Bio:Coming from feature, documentary and experimental cinema, Cristobal Rio works since five years in the field of video art, mainly for live performances and for events, close to performing arts, in association with such artists (dance, sound, performance...)
Today his visual creation continues in an approach oriented at audiovisual installations where he draws up dreamlike worlds and atmospheres inspired by his double - Mexican and French - culture.